Varya let her inner fanatic out at Universal Studios, and Geoffrey was nowhere to be seen. Is the Russian’s solo trip a confirmation that she is single?

As Varya Malina continues her long vacation in America and ticks off items from her wish list, 90 day fiancé Fans are becoming more and more certain that the Russian beauty is single. The marital status of Varya and her current (or former) fiancé Geoffrey Paschel has been in doubt for some time. But as time goes on, it seems more and more likely that the couple have split up. During his trip to Orlando, Florida, Varya did something he always wanted to do and, again, Geoffrey was notably absent.

Varya initially met Geoffrey through an American dating website and the two quickly developed feelings for each other. On 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Season 5, Geoffrey traveled to Russia to meet Varya for the first time. It was a difficult journey, but the couple finally got engaged when Varya followed Geoffrey to his home in Tennessee. However, since then there have been few updates, and Varya has been traveling the country alone for months, leading fans to believe that she and Geoffrey are done.

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The most recent leg of Varya’s journey took her to Orlando, where she visited Universal Studios. There were many things she wanted to see at the theme park, but clearly it was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that excited her the most. She shared a video of her walking down Diagon Alley, with the caption “I want to cry, my dream comes true ”. With her inner fangirl on full display, fans were able to see Varya’s interests outside of their toxic relationship.

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Geoffrey may not be with her, but Varya seems to be having an incredible time on her journey. Varya has been in the United States for four months, which she can afford because she sold her apartment in Russia. It’s been months since she posted a photo with Geoffrey, but Varya never seemed happier. Still, the absence of her fiancé on their social networks seems to indicate that the couple has been separated for some time. Fans are sure that Varya and Geoffrey are no longer together; however, Varya doesn’t seem to be heartbroken.

There are many reasons why 90 day fiancé Fans think that Varya is very likely single, but they don’t see that as a bad thing. Varya and Geoffrey’s relationship was incredibly toxic, and with his criminal past and current domestic violence charges, fans are glad that Varya (most likely) left him. Fans are ready to assume the couple is separated until they hear otherwise, and while their engagement is probably over, it’s great to see Varya enjoying her time in the States anyway.

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