After Chappie flopped in 2015, director Neill Blomkamp walked away from the movies entirely. Six years later, he finally returned, but his experience with failure has resulted in horror.

Neill Blomkamp is a versatile creator. As a director, producer, screenwriter and animator, the South African-born author went dancing in 2009 with District 9. The movie is a totally original sci-fi offering that is both exciting and terrifying. Nominated for four Academy Awards, including the coveted Best Picture, District 9The accolades are an incredible feat for a directorial debut, not to mention the sci-fi genre, rarely represented in the Best Picture category.

However, after the immense success of the first cheers, Blomkamp continued District 9 with a little disappointing Elysium in 2013 and an unfortunate failure with My uncle Two years later. The latter’s total failure had such a profound effect on Blomkamp that he almost disappeared from the movie scene. Now, Blomkamp is finally releasing a new feature film, but it seems that six years later, the world’s rejection of My uncle it has resulted in horror.

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Chappie Neill Blomkamp

My uncle Posted in 2015 to mostly negative reviews, now sitting on a lousy 32 percent rotten tomatoes. Critical Peter Sobczynski from called it a “poorly conceived work by a once-celebrated sci-fi visionary,” while CBR’s own Philip Pirrello referred to the film as “a mess of bad writing. [and] terrible narrative. “It was these searing criticisms of My uncle which led Blomkamp to stop creating functions and focus on his short films.

Blomkamp has spoken frankly about the “incredibly painful”My uncle the experience was for him. Despite making the exact movie he intended, the seemingly unanimous rejection of My uncle it affected him deeply. Blomkamp maintains that he loves My uncle and he achieved what he had set out to do, but the fact that his ideas were lost made him re-evaluate his creative identity. “[Chappie] it definitely hurt various parts of my career, I think, “said Blomkamp Geek’s Den. “I feel like I got it right with My uncle, and then when the audience turns against you, that puts you in a different place. “

That different place is apparently a whole new genre. While Blomkamp’s first three films rank at a similar point on the sci-fi spectrum, his first full-length release since The Great My uncle Mishap-y will be much scarier than the bad reviews.

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What do we know about demonic?

demonic 2 neill blomkamp

Blomkamp started shooting Demonic After the COVID-19 pandemic began, he was able to fund himself and film in rural areas around his home in British Columbia. Director has said what Demonic is a sci-fi horror movie with supernatural elements, inspired by low-budget hits like Paranormal activity. Starring Carly Pope, Chris William Martin and Michael Rogers, Demonic revolves around a decades-old family rift with supernatural roots that results in one woman unleashing terrible demons. An official trailer of Demonic has yet to be released, but Blomkamp has shared a short snippet of haunting, 8mm behind-the-scenes footage.

The question is: with such a deviation from its trademark, will Blomkamp’s pandemic horror film be distinctively … Blomkamp? A horror movie that features the same unique aesthetic and technical options as District 9 it would be a breath of fresh air. Fake-style, found-footage horror movies are nothing new, but Blomkamp’s approach to combining naturalistic and photorealistic CGI effects would be interesting elements to witness amid on-screen horror. Whatever the end result, hopefully it will get more positivity than good. My uncle, because Hollywood has lost the singular vision of Neill Blomkamp.

Demonic will be released in theaters on August 20 and on VOD / digital on August 27 via IFC Midnight.

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