In the fourth season of Gilmore Girls, Rory eventually embarked on his college career at Yale University. After years of waiting and dreaming of life as a college student, Rory was on her way to becoming a future journalist. Fortunately for her mother Lorelai, Rory was not far from home and was able to go to Stars Hollow on weekends.

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Aside from his trip home on the weekends to do laundry and grocery shopping at Luke’s Diner, there were other moments from his time in college that resonated with other viewers experiencing similar things. From wild parties to nostalgia Gilmore Girls He nailed Rory’s time in college in his head.

10 Bedroom life can be chaotic

Marty is known as Naked Guy on Gilmore Girls

Rory’s early days at Yale were chaotic. He had an open house party with the rest of the freshmen in his apartment, had another classmate write “Die Jerk” on his door, and found Marty naked sleeping in the hallway. Depending on the school, small parties or gatherings are popular in the dormitories. Rory wasn’t a party girl by any means, but she didn’t mind looking at people at a party from time to time.

9 Even the closest roommates aren’t always going to get along

Paris Gellers Roommate Reunion - Gilmore Girls

Most college students are told who their roommates are before moving into their college dorm. Gilmore girls, it came as a surprise. Rory was shocked when she found out that Paris was one of her roommates, which only added to the hilarity on the show.

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Along with Paris, Rory also shared a room with two other freshmen in a college suite. The four young women had their ups and downs between homework, boyfriends, spatial problems, and more. All of their moments together were incredibly relatable to the new roommates.

8 Each school has its rivalry

Gilmore girls: the whole family at harvard yale's game

In “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out,” Richard and Emily invited Rory and Lorelai to join them at the Harvard football game against Yale. If it weren’t for her grandparents and Paris’s enthusiasm, Rory would never have gone to the big game. However, this episode was memorable for the students because most colleges and universities have rivalries. The rivalry between Harvard and Yale, in particular, dates back to the 1870s according to Crimson. Seeing so many college students preparing for the game, regardless of whether they cared about the game or not, is something many students can relate to.

7 Dating is recommended

Rory and Logan outdoors in formal wear at Gilmore Girls

Rory grew up relationship oriented. She did not date and preferred to have a steady boyfriend. At Yale, Rory went through a loop when Logan wanted to keep things casual and hang out with other people while still seeing her.

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It took a few minutes for Rory to grasp the concept of dating more than one person (and to agree with Logan dating other women), but it was good for her to experience something new. In fact, even though Lorelai didn’t understand how Rory could be with various people, it was important that Rory be open to new things.

6 When that nostalgia kicks in

Rory And Lorelai Laughing At Yale - Gilmore Girls

Knowing how close Lorelai and Rory were, Yale could have made or broken the mother-daughter duo. Fortunately for both of them, the Yale campus was only 30 minutes from Stars Hollow. Rory could come and go between home and school whenever she wanted. He had dinner with his grandparents every Friday night, did laundry at his mother’s house, and could still see Lane. It was difficult for Rory and Lorelai at the beginning of this life transition, but it was an emotional moment that most freshmen identify with.

5 Choosing your specialty can be difficult

Paris and Rory talk about Paris' specialization in Gilmore Girls

Rory always knew that she wanted to study journalism and become an iconic journalist, but those around her weren’t so lucky. Paris went through Yale unsure whether to become a doctor or a lawyer. She loved arguing with people and conveying her point of view, but she also always dreamed of being a doctor. Once Paris was free to graduate, she learned that she was accepted into numerous law and medical schools. Being indecisive during college is more common than not for students, as anything can happen at school that can change a person’s mind.

4 How many classes are too many classes?

Rory gilmore in class about gilmore girls

Depending on the student’s schedule, the workload at the university can sometimes encompass everything. Rory wanted to do the same workload his grandfather did to keep the Gilmore tradition alive, but found it too difficult. Realizing that she was unsuitable for all those classes, Rory became upset and made her feel unfit for the Ivy leagues. And regardless of whether a student had too much on their plate or found their workload more difficult than others, feeling inadequate happens far too often.

3 College majors aren’t for everyone

Going to college after high school is typical in North America. However, higher education is not for everyone. Rory had always dreamed of going to school, but that wasn’t the case with Lane or Dean. Dean didn’t have much hope after high school, but he was inspired to go to college after he and Rory broke up. Over time, Dean realized that he could earn more money from construction by dropping out of school and he followed that path. Likewise, Lane didn’t mind going to school. His dream was to be in a band. After attending a religious college chosen by her mother, Lane quit to pursue her passion for music.

two Working on campus is helpful

Rory and marty chatting in the school cafeteria about gilmore girls

When money ran short for Rory, he found a way to work on campus by passing meal cards in the campus cafeteria. Weather fans were confused Because of Rory’s sudden loss of funds (his grandparents were mega-rich, after all), working on campus is normal for most students. Working at various locations on campus is a way to earn extra money while staying close to school to get to classes on time. By working in the school cafeteria, Rory was simply joining the thousands of students doing the same.

1 Spring break is big business

Paris and Rory on spring break at Gilmore Girls

Rory and Paris didn’t realize how popular (or necessary) spring break was until most of Yale disappeared to celebrate the week in warmer weather. The two friends decided to shake off the cold and join their classmates in Florida for spring break. While in Florida, they saw old friends from Chilton and many other students who also needed a break from school. Outside of the program, real-life students take time off from school for a different change of pace before they start reading.

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