In Ultimate Universe, Sam Raimi directed a Spider-Man movie, which earned the ire of both Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus.

Launched in 2002, the first Spiderman The film went on to be a huge success and an early precursor to the resurgence of superhero movies that currently dominate the global box office. The movie was ubiquitous when it was released, and a version of it even appeared within a version of the Marvel Universe.

In Ultimate Universe, Spider-Man ended up being the focus of a major movie franchise, and he wasn’t the only person enraged by the film’s existence.

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On The last Spiderman # 54- # 59 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, aka the “Hollywood” story arc, a young Peter Parker is shocked to learn that a movie is being produced within his universe that is clearly based on his adventure. Titled Spider-Man, the film is strikingly similar to the real-life film adaptation of the character, with the Ultimate Universe version of Sam Raimi directing the film and Tobey Maguire starring in the title role. The film is even produced by Avi Arad, who produced the Raimi Spiderman Movie (s. During an interview with the Entertainment News in-universe version, Arad even surprisingly predicts Peter Parker’s personality, identifying him as a “nobody” who can grab the imagination of the entire world when he dons the identity of Spider-Man. .

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The film, which will feature Doctor Octopus as the main villain, even finds a way to incorporate Mysterio, played by Raimi’s frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell, who was rumored to be close to playing Mysterio in the original. Spiderman Movie (s. Initially, Peter is caught off guard by the development, especially when he learns that the city is being filmed. In disguise, Peter arrives on the scene to confront Tobey Macguire and to the entire cast and crew for co-opting his story for quick money, though he admits he thinks Evil dead 2, directed by a young Raimi, is a great movie. Arad offers to pay Spider-Man to become a consultant for the film, on the condition that he reveal his secret identity to the producers.

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But even when Peter refused, Arad reveals that he has still saved $ 1.2 million dollars by filming an enraged spider-man jumping around the set. Even Kenny Kong, Peter’s near-friend from Midtown High, is ready to make more money from the movie than after being cast as an extra. But things get much more dangerous when it is announced that Doctor Octopus will be the villain of the film. Upon learning that his ex-wife Roselita had been hired as a consultant for the film, Doctor Octopus sets out to attack the production as it is filming in New York City, prompting Spider-Man to reluctantly defend the production already hates.

Although Peter is able to save the cast and crew, he is eventually captured by Doctor Octopus for his troubles and dragged into a private plane, only escaping and defeating the villain when the plane is briefly forced to land in Brazil. In four months, the film is complete, even using footage from the battle royale between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, capitalizing on news coverage of the event to help ensure that the film earns impressive box office revenue in a record amount of time. . It’s a goofy story that counters the more dramatic issues in Peter’s home life (which included his friend Gwen Stacy discovering her secret identity). But it remains a remarkable example of the real world meeting a version of the Marvel Universe to great effect.

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