Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Jupiter’s legacy season 1, plus possible spoilers for season 2 and beyond.

After its first eight-episode season, the Netflix television show Jupiter’s legacy has built a story and characters that are considerably different from the original Mark Millar and Frank Quitely comics. Although the show may end up following the same general story arc as the comics, at least for now it appears to be taking its own course.

Developed for television by Steven S. DeKnight (who exited the show during production and was replaced as showrunner by Sang Kyu Kim), Jupiter’s legacy is the first project to emerge from Netflix’s acquisition of Millar’s comic book publisher, Millarworld. Josh Duhamel plays Sheldon Sampson, aka The Utopian, a 120-year-old superhero whose rigid ideals have made him a living legend, but who distanced him from his brother Walter (Ben Daniels) and his two children Chloe (Elena Kampouris). and Brandon. (Andrew Horton).

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Jupiter’s legacy and its prequel series, Jupiter circle, are less gleefully nihilistic than some of Millar’s other works such as Justice Y Kick ass. That said, they still feature the kind of shocking hyper-bloody character deaths the comic book writer is known for, and offer a critical look at both superheroes and America’s sociopolitical landscape. The television adaptation, by contrast, offers a slower meditation on what it means to be a superhero in an increasingly complex modern world, while also presenting entirely new stories. Are here Jupiter’s legacyThe biggest changes from the comic to the screen.

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Brandon is a villain in the comics and kills his father

Jupiter's Legacy Brandon Comic TV Differences

Perhaps the largest and most immediately noticeable change in Jupiter’s legacy is the characterization of Brandon Sampson. The comic book and television versions of the character have some basic details in common; In both stories, Brandon is under tremendous pressure to live up to his father’s ideals, as Chloe has completely rejected them. But while Netflix Jupiter’s legacy portrays Brandon as a generally good guy who loves his father despite their complex relationship, Brandon from the comics is a toxic wreck with little to no empathy for others. In one of his attempts to make his father happy, he gets very drunk and gives an unsolicited airlift to a freighter to try and speed up his journey, but accidentally flips it over and is about to kill many people before the Utopian.

Not only does Brandon start off much worse in the comics, it doesn’t take long for him to become a full-blown villain. With just a bit of manipulation from his uncle Walt, Brandon joins a plan crafted by the new generation of superheroes to assassinate his predecessors and turn America into a fascist dystopia where superheroes make all the decisions. After the utopian is weakened, first by a comet with bombs attached to it, and then by the rest of the superheroes that hit it, Brandon steps in and finishes off his father by throwing his laser vision straight into Sheldon’s eyes, until nothing remains. of his face, but a burned skull. He shows no remorse for killing his father, and he doesn’t seem to cry for his mother at all.

Grace also dies early in the comics

Jupiter's Legacy Grace Comics TV Differences

An obvious effect of Brandon killing Sheldon in Jupiter’s legacy #3 is that there really isn’t much of a focus on the utopian in the comics, and even the prequel series focuses more on characters like Skyfox, Blue Bolt, Flare, and Brainwave. Grace is also not a major character in the comics, and dies shortly before Sheldon is. Before the rogue superheroes go to kill the utopian, they first visit Sampson’s house and ambush Grace and Chloe. Brainwave uses her powers to trap Grace into a fantasy of herself winning the fight, while in the real world superheroes pierce through her and impale her many times with arrows and other weapons. Once gutted and on the brink of death, Brainwave snaps her out of her fantasy long enough to realize what has been done to her, before using her powers to induce an aneurysm that kills her.

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Leslie Bibb’s portrayal of Grace is already considerably more developed than in the comics, so hopefully she will avoid this grim fate even if the superhero heist storyline is set in. Jupiter’s legacy season 2. But if she ends up dead in the current timeline, she could still continue to appear in past history as she explores the early days of the Justice Union.

The mysterious island of superpowers

Jupiter's Legacy Island TV Comic Differences

In the Netflix adaptation of Jupiter’s legacy, the story of how the original members of the Justice Union were first lured to the mysterious island where they obtained their superpowers takes place in seven episodes. Since his origin story is covered quite briefly in the comics, this means that a lot of details were added for the TV show, including Sheldon’s visions of his father, the explanation of how all the different members came together, and the pilgrimage of Sheldon al Miller. farm. Jupiter’s legacy it also expands on the trials the six characters face on their way to becoming the Justice Union; While in the comics they just have to deal with the challenges of the journey, in the TV show there are many more forces at work to prove their worth and ability to work together.

The exact nature of the island’s inhabitants is also a bit more ambiguous on the TV show. In the Jupiter’s legacy In the comics they appear as tall green-skinned beings who are later explicitly referred to as aliens, although their exact motives for gifting superpowers to humans are uncertain. In the Netflix series, the beings wear human forms, appearing as the people Sheldon, Walt, Fitz, Grace, Richard, and George want to see the most. Although the fact that they are transported to an alien planet certainly implies that the island was created by an advanced alien race, it is largely left to the interpretation of the audience.

The union of justice and the utopian code

Differences Between Jupiter's Legacy Utopian Comic Book TV Shows

Much more than comics, Netflix’s version of Jupiter’s legacy he pays attention to whether superheroes should kill or not. The utopian is vehement in his belief that they shouldn’t, and created the Code to set rules not only against the deaths of supervillains, but also against abuses of their power, such as meddling in politics. This last point is taken from the comics, and Walt believes that America has become a mess and that superheroes have both the right and the responsibility to forcibly create a new order. This is why he recruits Brandon and the rest of the superheroes, and Jupiter’s Legacy # 4 features a huge leap in time that reveals what the world has become now that superheroes are in charge.

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Hutch and Chloe have a son in the comics

The Legacy of Jupiter Chloe and Jason

Speaking of that huge jump in time, one of the biggest things that happens in the comics is that Hutch and Chloe have a child. In fact, they’ve been having a secret love affair for a while when the comic begins, and Chloe finds out she’s pregnant after the overdose that lands her in the hospital. Following the jump in time Jupiter’s Legacy # 4, Chloe and Hutch have assumed new identities and have a son, Jason, who has superpowers but has learned to hide them. However, he can’t resist the call to save people, and his superhero antics unfortunately attract the attention of Walt and Brandon.

The story of the Blackstar clone is not in the comics

Differences in the Jupiter's Legacy Blackstar TV Show comics

Blackstar appears in the Jupiter’s legacy comics, but only in a single battle that demonstrates how the Justice Union operates today. Just like on the TV show, some of the lower tier superheroes choose to watch the battle from a distance because they want the glory but don’t want to risk getting hurt. Unlike the TV show, the Utopian is able to defeat Blackstar without the help of his son, instead using Brainwave’s ability to trap Blackstar in a psychological fantasy world as he is beaten into submission. Blackstar is brought back to Supermax, alive, and there is no plot involving a clone or Brandon killing the clone Blackstar to save his father.

Skyfox’s absence and Hutch’s secret project

Differences in the Jupiter's Legacy Skyfox TV Show comics

Jupiter’s legacy Season 1 builds on the idea that Skyfox, a former member of the Justice Union who later became a supervillain, is behind the creation of the Blackstar clone. However, the season finale reveals that it was actually Walter who created the clone and later framed Skyfox. Meanwhile, Skyfox’s son Hutch – who may not have inherited his father’s superpowers but his talent for technological inventions – is building some kind of device designed to help him find his father. This could be a version of a device from the comics, built by Hutch’s own son, that was designed to track the signatures of super-powerful beings. It can also be a completely new invention, the purpose of which will only be revealed in season 2.

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