Superhero movies are the most popular genre right now, but established heroes from earlier source material like Spider-Man and Batman have a much better chance of being successful at the box office than an original creation. Unfortunately, rights to a character like Superman or Hulk are hard to come by, while creating a new superhero doesn’t cost a penny.

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After Pixar introduced audiences to talking toys and cute monsters, Brad Bird added a family of superheroes to the mix with his masterfully crafted action comedy. The Incredibles. There are also many other great original superhero movies.

10 The Incredibles (2004)

After Pixar took audiences to curious worlds inhabited by toys, insects, monsters, and fish, Brad Bird gave the studio its first human leads with a crisp, original superhero story: The Incredibles. The film masterfully combines comic book spectacle with identifiable family situations.

Besides being a Watchmen-Large reflection on the myths of superheroes in a world where superhumans are forced to hide, The Incredibles is, like most Pixar films, an emotionally engaging masterpiece with a brilliant script populated by rich and well-rounded characters.

9 The Specials (2000)

Superheroes on their day off at The Specials

Unlike most superhero movies, The Specials It has almost no action or special effects of any kind. Instead, he follows the world’s sixth or seventh most popular superhero team on their day off, engaging in mundane everyday activities that are generally left out of big-budget comic book blockbusters.

The script was written by James Gunn, who went on to direct the Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel. Your previous scripts, such as To slide and Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake, they were decidedly darker.

8 Hancock (2008)

Will Smith in Hancock

What if Superman didn’t have the natural propensity to do good and was instead forced to spend his days drinking alcohol? That is the basic premise of Hancock, a superhero comedy starring Will Smith.

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In the second half of the film, it becomes a more traditional superhero story, but in its first half, it is a dark comedy with an unconventional tone about an alcoholic who can fly.

7 Mysterious Men (1999)

A kind of antiAvengers, Mysterious men is a superhero parody that revolves around a team of heroes who are too inept to save lives. When their city is threatened, they do everything they can to protect it, but they always fail.

When a new villain emerges, the Mystery Men have a chance to finally prove their worth. Comedy greats like Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Hank Azaria and Eddie Izzard appear in the film.

6 Megamind (2010)


Six years after Pixar offered its version of the superhero concept with The Incredibles, DreamWorks offered its own in the form of Megamind.

Will Ferrell voices the titular supervillain, who gets bored and has no real purpose after killing his arch nemesis, Metro Man, played by Brad Pitt.

5 The Matrix (1999)

Trinidad in The Matrix

The Wachowskis Matrix It is not a superhero movie in the traditional sense. Genre-wise, it’s more of an action cyberpunk, as if John Woo were adapting a William Gibson novel.

But Keanu Reeves’ character Neo is, in many ways, a superhero. He’s a normal guy who discovers he has an extraordinary gift and spends the movie learning how to harness that gift so he can defeat the bad guys and save the day.

4 Super (2010)

Rainn Wilson in Super

Before taking on established superheroes with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, James Gunn created his own masked crime fighter for the 2010 dark comedy Super.

Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, plays a normal guy who decides to put on a red costume, arm himself with a wrench, and start going through “the Crimson Bolt.”

3 Unbreakable (2000)

Samuel L Jackson in Unbreakable

Almost a century after Superman made his debut in Action comicsIt’s hard to find a single take on superhero myths, but M. Night Shyamalan provided a superhero story that was completely his own with the 2000s. Unbreakable.

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Bruce Willis plays a normal guy who realizes he has superhuman strength, and Samuel L. Jackson co-stars as a comic book-obsessed man with a hidden dark side and a debilitating condition that weakens his bones.

two RoboCop (1987)


In the opening scene of Paul Verhoeven RoboCop, a good cop named Alex Murphy is shot dead in the line of duty by a gang of criminals. His remains are forcibly recovered and he has become a half-cyborg killing machine that will do the authoritarian orders of the Detroit police force in the near dystopian future.

The film has more than enough explosive action to satisfy as a superhero blockbuster, but it is also a sharp satire on totalitarianism and capitalism. Verhoeven’s satirical messages are even more relevant today than they were in the 1980s.

1 Dark man (1990)

Liam Neeson as Darkman (1990)

Long before he revolutionized the comic book genre with his Spiderman trilogy, Sam Raimi created an original superhero for his underrated jewel from 1990 Dark man.

A tribute to both superhero comics and Universal Monsters movies, Dark man starring Liam Neeson as a scientist who is attacked and left for dead by a mob boss. His attempts to repair his horrible wounds grant him superpowers, which he uses to take revenge.

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