The Peacemaker, the strong-willed warrior of the Suicide Squad, is on a collision course with the Suicide Squad’s strong-willed leader and strategist: Amanda Waller.

Spoilers for Suicide Squad # 3 go ahead!

The Pacifier He is a man so devoted to the cause of peace that he is willing to kill for it, but he can also be the Suicide squad only hope of overthrowing Amanda Waller. On Suicide Squad # 3, readers see that the Peacemaker continues to lay the groundwork for his great move against Waller.

After decades of obscurity, Peacemaker is finally becoming the center of attention, thanks to the Suicide Squad. He will be front and center in the next James Gunn movie. Suicide squad movie, as well as a spinoff television show. In the comics, Peacemaker has also been inducted into the Squad, and it has become clear that this iron-willed warrior will come into conflict with the Suicide Squad’s iron-willed leader, Amanda Waller. Waller is in the process of rebuilding the Squad, recruiting Talon and Superboy (Conner Kent) among them. She has an agenda, and she is a Peacekeeper that she cannot fulfill.

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Now in Suicide Squad # 3 By Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo and Wes Abbott, Peakmaker is putting the pieces together. Sensing the dissatisfaction of Nocturna, a member of the Suicide Squad, with Waller, Peacemaker arranges a secret meeting. Using washers and dryers in the laundry room to block Waller’s listening devices, Peacemaker pressures her for information on Superboy. Nocturna tells him that “something is wrong” with Superboy, citing his strange actions. Peacemaker feels that Superboy is a symptom of a bigger problem. He concludes that Waller is lying about something and that it could not only jeopardize the Suicide Squad’s mission, but his as well. Peacemaker then tells Nocturna to continue gathering information on Superboy and that if she does, Peacemaker will take care of her and everyone else, because, in her words, “that’s what leaders do.” Peacemaker later meets with Amanda Waller and it is clear that tensions between the two are rising as Waller reminds Peacemaker that there is no “his mission”, only his mission.

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Peacemaker, Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad

Since joining the Suicide Squad, it’s clear that Peacemaker is on a collision course with Amanda Waller. Both are stubborn and resolutely dedicated to their causes – a clear recipe for disaster. Peacemaker feels that Waller has an agenda, and the thing is: he’s right. On Future state: suicide squad, readers saw that Amanda Waller had gone multiversal, taking over Earth-3 and isolating it from the rest of the multiverse. If any member of the Suicide Squad has what it takes to stop her, it’s the Peacemaker.

The Pacifier he’s set to be DC’s next character, and he’s currently being positioned to take on one of the company’s most fearsome characters; the Suicide squad Amanda Waller herself, and you may actually be able to do it.

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