Content Warning: This list contains mentions of kidnapping, violence, and sexual assault

For a series of only six seasons, Vikings has an incredibly high kill count when it comes to its characters. Even the main characters are not safe, as Ragnar Lothbrok himself dies in the middle, and he is arguably the main character of the entire series! Along the way, almost all of the main characters end up dead, either in battle (and in Valhalla), from illness (surprisingly rare), from a childhood accident, or, possibly the most common of all, from being killed.

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It’s not surprising, then, that some of these characters were killed before they actually had a chance to shine on screen, or in a way that felt undeserved, even within the scope of the story itself. Some of these characters captured the sympathy of fans, who felt they should have earned a happier ending, while others weren’t even given a chance to be truly loved.

10 Young Siggy (and Thorunn)

Porunn (Gaia Weiss) with a buzz cut braided hairstyle in

In season 3, Bjorn gets married for the first time: a woman named Thorunn, who had a son, a girl they named Siggy. However, the story here ended up being largely abandoned, for no discernible reason. Thorunn was hit in the face in battle, leaving her with a large facial scar, and withdrew from Bjorn and society, before wandering alone into the desert (where it is unclear whether she survived elsewhere or died off screen. ). Their daughter, left in Kattegat, was abandoned and eventually found dead, and no one seemed particularly upset by her passing. It was a sad ending for a character who should have grown up and continued Ragnar Lothbrok’s line as his first grandson.

9 Sigurd

Most of the Sons of Ragnar became well-developed and complicated characters in their own right. Sigurd, however, got the short end of the stick (or the ax). Fans barely had a chance to find out anything about this brother before Ivar murdered him for insulting his manhood in front of the military, and at times he seemed to exist largely so that his death could further the plot and sow discord between the two. brothers.

8 Harald

Harald in the final battle of Wessex against King Alfred in Vikings season 6

Harald was a well-developed character with a lot of screen time, but he deserved more in the sense that he deserved a happier ending! Harald may not have been the most moral man, but for Vikings standards, it wasn’t terrible either, and he lost everything in the pursuit of a singular dream to unite his country. He failed romantically, to the point where he himself joked about it, lost his brother, even essentially lost his reign to Bjorn, as even though he won the election, Bjorn was hailed as the true King and unifier, while Harald he died alone. on a battlefield in another land.

7 With

Gyda was Ragnar’s only daughter, in a series that ended up revolving around her children. There was so much potential here, and seeing what a daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha could become would have been an incredible story, but unfortunately, she was killed in the first season.

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A plague took over the Viking settlement and Gyda did not survive, robbing fans of what may have been a much more interesting sibling dynamic in later seasons.

6 Astrid

Astrid deserved better in so many ways. Lagertha’s second-in-command was featured in season 4, both as her lover and as her apprentice as a fighter. For a time it seemed that there was room in the series for a court of powerful women, including Astrid, Lagertha and Torvi, who had great potential, but there was not. Astrid’s season 5 storyline saw her kidnapped, raped, pregnant, and forced to marry, before meeting Lagertha in battle and asking her former lover to kill her. The story was free, and the use of rape as a plot device here was completely unnecessary, even for a series like Vikings who does not shy away from sex and violence.

5 Tanaruz and Helga

Vikings why Helga was killed

Helga is another character whose story seemed to jump the shark, only so the character could be killed to convey someone else’s story, in this case, Floki’s. Helga has a solid place in the story until season 4, which is when things start to go wrong. At this point, she and Floki are in love and have a daughter, but when the daughter dies, Helga ends up kidnapping a boy in a raid on Algeciras and trying to force her to become a new daughter to her and Floki. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t work, and the girl, Tanaruz, kills Helga and then herself. It’s a heartbreaking ending for a great character, and it also feels like a hasty way to eliminate her so Floki can disappear on his own.

4 Heahmund

Heahmund had great potential as a kind of replacement for Athelstan, a Christian among the Vikings, who connected with Lagertha and may have continued some of the emotional struggles to reconcile the religions.


As a warrior, as well as a bishop, he was a unique character, and for a time it seemed that he would become another important player. It was a shock, then, when he died in battle after only one season on the show.

3 Children of Torvi

Hali dies during the grain raid

Although Torvi has four children, only one survives until the end of the series, and the other three deserve more. Guthrum, Torvi’s son with Jarl Borg, had more screen time and actually survived to adulthood to die in battle. Despite this, he didn’t have much development or screen time, and since his father was so brutally murdered by Ragnar, he could have had a much more interesting dynamic on the show. Still, he was more developed than Hali and Asa, Torvi’s children with Bjorn. Hali died as a child in battle, Asa was thrown overboard and drowned, and none had a chance to become real characters.

two Athelstan

Vikings Athelstan

Athelstan quickly became a fan favorite character as he went from monk to Viking and back again, questioning his faith and place in the world, and developing an incredible dynamic with Ragnar. However, in the end, Athelstan met his end at the hands of Floki, who hated him for his faith. It was a disappointing ending in part because it was so obvious. Floki had always hated him, so there was little surprise in his eventual murder, and his death felt less like a true ending to his story and more like a way to drive a wedge between Floki and Ragnar.

1 Lagertha

Lagertha's funeral Vikings

Lagertha, for many fans, was the central character of the show, even above Ragnar himself. She was a hero, a warrior, and a guardian of her people and her family; She was a legend in her own right, and when she managed to survive so many battles and losses, fans breathed a sigh of relief to see her retreat to a farmhouse to live her days in peace. If anyone on the show deserved a happy ending, it was Lagertha, and it seemed, for a moment, that she got it … which is what made it all the more disappointing when she ended up back in battle, fighting the raiders. Still, if he had died here, it might have been appropriate. But returning to Kattegat and being killed by a mind-blowing Hvitserk was simply devastating.

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