The MCU features a dazzling array of characters between heroes and villains alike, from the high-tech Iron Man to the archer known as Hawkeye and even the Guardians of the Galaxy, a gang of misfits and rogues. How do these heroes fight? Everyone has different combat styles and weapons, and some heroes deal more collateral damage than others.

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Some MCU heroes are pretty messy, or just don’t mind causing serious collateral damage to attack their enemies or cover their retreat. However, other MCU heroes are more orderly in battle and dislike the idea of ​​causing collateral damage or mixing innocent bystanders in the carnage.

10 Ant-Man, who can shrink himself

Ant-Man in Avengers: Endgame

Scott Lang, also known as Ant-Man, is a curious case. On the one hand, he can It caused a lot of collateral damage in its giant form, such as when it broke an airplane wing during the fight at Leipzig airport. But that’s not its default mode; If all goes well, no one will ever know that Ant-Man showed up.

Ant-Man, true to his name, can shrink to a tiny size and infiltrate any building and go through any lock. This makes him a great scout, saboteur, and infiltrator, and he can turn the tide of a battle or mission without making a dent in anything. He is an experienced thief, after all. Stealth is your game.

9 Natasha Romanoff, the stealthy black widow

Natasha Romanoff doesn’t have a super soldier serum or Asgardian powers, but she hardly needs them. Black Widow, SHIELD’s main spy, can accomplish any mission with her advanced stealth, small arms, high-tech gadgets, and even charisma.

Natasha cannot level a mountain or a city, nor should she. Instead, Natasha is adept at tracking, observing, and taking down relatively “normal” villains, and she is adept at leaving few, if any, traces of their presence. She can disappear in the dark.

8 Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye, the perfect archer

Hawkeye holding his bow

In some ways, Clint Barton is vaguely similar to Black Widow. He is highly trained and uses stealth weapons and tools to fight his enemies, but lacks the strength to raze a city or make a large crater in the ground. It is more subtle than that.

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Instead, Clint is a ranged specialist who never fails with his bows and arrows. You can use pretty normal arrowheads or use special arrows to deliver electric shocks, catch someone in a net, and more. Rarely will Clint cause serious collateral damage down the road.

7 Gamora, former “daughter” of Thanos and expert sword user

Gamora on Peter's Boat

Gamora is a humanoid alien who can also freely group with Black Widow. She is a highly trained assassin and stealth agent who can dispatch most enemies without a trace, and if a giant enemy arrives, Gamora can simply retreat to safety before reinforcements arrive.

Gamora is careful and precise during her missions, but that doesn’t mean she’s merciful or kind. Instead, Gamora’s mind is a sharp, finely honed blade, just like her swords, and it gets the job done without blowing everything up in the process.

6 Maria Hill, one of the best agents of SHIELD

Maria Hill, a SHIELD agent, is another “normal” MCU heroine who doesn’t need Asgardian powers or space magic to get the job done. Maria is Black Widow, minus some stealth and with a serious security clearance. Nick Fury trusts her with all kinds of sensitive information.

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As befits her rank, role, and personality, Maria knows how to get the job done cleanly and efficiently, and only blow things up as a last resort, like denying resources to the enemy. Otherwise, Maria can use guns and martial arts to defeat her enemies cleanly.

5 Nebula, the Cyborg daughter of Thanos

Nebula, an agent of Thanos, used to be an MCU villain. He used to be more loyal to Thanos than to Gamora, his “sister”, but he secretly longs to give Thanos a painful death one day. Nebula is always seething with rage beneath the surface, but that rage doesn’t translate into mindless carnage.

Nebula is precise and agile like Gamora, and can take down a room full of enemies without destroying anything along the way. He once crashed that spaceship against Ego’s surface while attacking Gamora, but there was no civilian infrastructure in the way. There has been no collateral damage.

4 War Machine, the other iron man

war machine armor

James “Rhodey” Rhodes is an Air Force officer and a good friend of Tony Stark, the original Iron Man. James is more strict than the eccentric Tony, and has the mind of a disciplined soldier even when facing terrifying aliens. He also has his own high-tech combat suit.

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Rhodey is War Machine, who prefers bullets and missiles over lasers to differentiate himself from Tony. Rhodey will blow things up if he must, but would rather keep civilians out of the way, and he’s certainly quite aware of how costly collateral damage can be. It must also be said that he was one of the earliest supporters of the Sokovia Accords.

3 The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Iron Man student

Peter panics

Young Spider-Man sometimes becomes careless or allows collateral damage to occur, but prefers to keep the battle short and orderly, if possible. Peter Parker grew up in New York City and loves his home. He would prefer not watch the Big Apple explode to pieces during a battle against supervillains or aliens.

So Peter has an invested interest in minimizing collateral damage during a fight, and luckily he has the right powers at hand. Its cobwebs allow it to ensnare enemies without injuring anyone or destroying property, and its cobweb can help prevent buildings or vehicles from crashing or falling.

two T’Challa, aka Black Panther, King of Wakanda

Black Panther

The king of the hidden nation of Wakanda is Black Panther, and more than one person has wielded this mantle. For a time, T’Chaka was the Black Panther, but after dying in Baron Zemo’s bomb attack, his son T’Challa took over and proved to be an exemplary leader and warrior.

T’Challa will do his best to defeat his enemies and protect Wakanda, but by default, he tries to keep up the personal fight and keep civilians out of the way. Fight like an apex predator, ignoring everything else while concentrating on the target. Not likely to cause much destruction along the way.

1 Okoye, general of Dora Milaje

black panther okoye

Okoye is the boss of Dora Milaje, the King of Wakanda’s personal bodyguard unit. Okoye is a consummate professional at all times: stern, loyal, disciplined and always alert. T’Challa is right to entrust her with her life.

Okoye may not have super powers, but her training is very advanced and she can take down almost any mundane or alien foe with no problem. He often fights with spears in particular, which cannot cause serious collateral damage or harm bystanders in the vicinity. Okoye will not allow any innocent life to be lost in the line of duty.

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