Batman Returns benefited from Tim Burton’s creativity, but the beloved director hardly ever returns to Gotham City. This is what happened.

Batman Returns It’s considered the best Batman movie of the Burton-Schumacher era, but it hardly had Tim Burton as a director – here’s what happened. Batman’s history on the big screen began in the 1940s with two serial films and continued into the 1960s with an adaptation of the television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Batman’s next cinematic adventure came in 1989 with Tim Burton. bat Man, which featured Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

bat Man saw the title hero take on Jack Napier aka The Joker (Jack Nicholson) and save Gotham City from his chemical “Smylex”, which caused his victims to die laughing. bat Man It was a critical and commercial success, so naturally, Warner Bros. began work on a sequel shortly thereafter. Published in 1992 and titled Batman Returns, the film followed Caped Crusader as he took on the Penguin (Danny DeVito), who wanted revenge on the residents of Gotham City, while also dealing with Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), who was on her own quest for revenge against Max. Shreck (Christopher Walken). Batman Returns It was much darker than its predecessor, which made it a fan favorite, but critics pointed to it as a flaw, while praising the performances, characters, and action sequences.

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It is undeniable that Tim Burton’s signature style can be seen in bat Man Y Batman Returns, especially in the latter, since Burton leaned more towards that darkness that has made him so famous and loved among movie enthusiasts. However, Burton came close to never directing again. Batman Returns, even though the first movie was a huge success. After the success of bat ManWarner Bros. began developing a sequel, but Burton was not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a second film, sharing in 1989 that he would return. “if the sequel offers something new and exciting“Otherwise it was”a most astonished idea”.

Batman Returns Tim Burton Outfit

No interest in directing for a second bat Man film, Burton turned his attention to Eduardo scissorhands, released in 1990, and in the meantime, Sam Hamm (who wrote the previous film) was brought in and delivered the first two drafts, one of which had the penguin and Catwoman chasing a hidden treasure. Warner didn’t stop when it came to convincing Burton to come back, which they ultimately accomplished once they gave him greater creative control. Dissatisfied with Hamm’s script, Burton asked Daniel Waters (writer of the 1989 black comedy Heather) to rewrite it, and he became the one who delivered the story that everyone now knows.

Even if Batman Returns is now a favorite among superhero fans and was a box office hit in 1992, critical response put an end to plans for a third bat Man movie in Tim Burton’s universe. Instead, Warner Bros. opted for a standalone sequel with a different director and Bruce Wayne: Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer, on film. Batman forever. Surely, Batman Returns It wouldn’t have been the same without Tim Burton, and while all the creative freedom and other factors killed all plans for the future of this version of the Dark Knight, it was Burton’s creativity that made the film so special.

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