According to an FAQ page on the official Bend Studio website, Days Gone’s forthcoming PC version will not support DLSS or ray tracing.

An FAQ page on Bend Studio’s website reveals the Pc port for Days gone will support neither DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) nor ray tracing. PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan unveiled Days gone PC version in February, additionally noting that other PS4 exclusives are also set to make the jump to a wider audience. At present, however, the company has yet to specify which titles will follow Horizon Zero Dawn’s and Days gone lead.

Unsurprisingly, the PC iteration of the apocalyptic open-world title will outperform its PlayStation counterparts. This is thanks in large part to improved graphics, an unlocked frame rate, heightened details, and improved draw distances on foliage. Of course, PC players via Steam and the Epic Games Store can expect to take advantage of 21: 9 ultra-wide monitor support, which Bend Studio confirmed upon announcing the Days gone PC due date. Because of the imminent release, even more information is beginning to emerge.

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The latest details come courtesy of the Bend Studio website’s FAQ page. Notably, the post reveals that Days gone on PC will not include ray tracing. Meanwhile, a brief excerpt about DLSS says the NVIDIA-made image upscaling technology isn’t being supported “at this time. “This suggests that such an feature could eventually pop up in a post-launch patch, though Bend Studio has offered no further details on the matter.

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days gone deacon and boozer intro

Again, while the addition of ray traced reflections and lighting seems highly unlikely, there’s still hope that DLSS will enhance and upscale textures at a later date. Such a post-launch update does have precedent, after all. For example, Nioh 2 received DLSS support on PC weeks after its release. The same game-changing technology made its way onto the PC version of Call of Duty: Warzone last month, as well.

Days gone first arrived on PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2019. Bend Studio supported the title for a while thereafter with a few free content updates, one of which included the advent of a New Game Plus mode. Late last year, the development team introduced a PS5 upgrade that added a 60fps option with dynamic 4K resolution.

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Days gone is available to play now on the PS4 and PS5; the title’s Pc port hits Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 18.

Source: Bend Studio

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