Most of the time, Superman, be it Clark Kent or someone else who embodies the sentiment of the Man of Steel, is meant to represent hope. An analog of Superman is meant to keep the good of the world in one person. Of course, that’s not to say that evil supermen like Homelander and Omni-Man don’t exist.

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One is a genetically engineered, unstable superhero working for a multi-million dollar company, the other a divine being who conquers the world with a Viltrumite middle son, both evil superheroes have committed terrible deeds over the years. The question is: who is the most evil of the couple?

10 Homelander: Nature increasingly unstable

Homelander lasers a crowd of people

Compared to everything else Homelander’s has done, having an increasingly unstable nature to many people may not seem like the worst thing in the world. After all, when audiences first meet him, Homelander already has a brutal streak.

However, when season 2 rolls around, Homelander somehow manages to go from bad boy to pure supervillain. The worst part is his hallucinations when he imagines things like lasering a whole crowd of innocent people. While it doesn’t happen, it sets the stage for later events in season 2 and for more evil in season 3.

9 Omni-Man: lied to family and friends

Omni-Man talks to his son

Like Homelander, being on the scale of evil is honestly pretty low. For Omni-Man, lying compared to everything else he’s done is a minor offense in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s still worth noting that Omni-Man lied to everyone’s face about who he was.

For years, his wife, colleagues, and his own son believed that Omni-Man was a peaceful warrior fighting for the betterment of the Earth. In reality, the hero is nothing more than a brutal world conqueror who sets out to do what his cruel planet requires of him: weaken Earth’s defenses.

8 Homelander: Assassinated Stillwell

Madelyn and Homelander get intimate and personal

For Homelander, the poster of the Seven and a shining beacon to the world, his most evil actions are those on a much larger scale.

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When Billy Butcher from The Kids holds the villainous Madelyn Stillwell captive, Homelander’s love interest and boss, Homelander, instead of trying to save her, proceeds to shoot his laser vision through her head, killing Stillwell in a brutal manner. While it may not be the most evil thing he’s ever done, it’s definitely up there.

7 Omni-Man: Chicago Decimated

Invincible's Mark tries to save a family in Chicago

In contrast to Homelander, Omni-Man’s most evil actions are those that strike close to home, the ones that go against him being a father figure and a doting friend. Omni-Man absolutely destroying Chicago stands as one of his most evil moments.

After being confronted by his son Mark AKA Invincible And telling the truth, the couple ends up fighting all over the world, and their fight spreads to the city of Chicago. Mercilessly, Omni-Man rushes through the city, letting countless civilians die brutally and undeservedly.

6 Homelander: Manipulated his son

Homelander teaches Ryan to fly in The Boys

Like Omni-Man, Homelander ends up having a super-powerful son, Ryan, with Butcher’s wife, Becca. Homelander starts out as a “doting” father, but in the end, he attempts to manipulate his own son with the help of the equally terrifying Supe Stormfront.

With the help of Stormfront, Homelander attempts to turn Ryan against his mother and set off with him to Voight. As Ryan breaks up with his true father figure, Billy Butcher, Homelander’s manipulation into a literal child is appalling beyond words.

5 Omni-Man: Destroyed an entire planet

Omni-Man destroys the planet Flaxxan in Invincible

Mass genocide is definitely a sign of a deranged, psychotic madman. Even before Chicago, Omni-Man was involved with his son to stop an invasion from a race known as the Flaxans. In an attempt to stop them, Omni-Man pushes their leader through his portal onto his planet … where everything goes from the bottom up.

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Putting the good boy routine aside right away, Omni-Man uses the leader as a battering ram, reducing him to nothing before flying through Flaxan’s home world so fast that it sets off multiple nuclear blasts. In the end, Omni-man leaves the devastated planet, although it is implied that the race was returning with plans to exact revenge on the destroyer of the world.

4 Homelander: Super Terrorists Created

A super terrorist blows up a base in the Boys

Even good intentions turn out to be bad actions. For a long time, the world only knew superheroes. However, towards the end of Season 1, super terrorists began to emerge, imbued with the same formula made by Voight. Who gave it? Homelander.

In an attempt to please Stillwell and get superheroes into the military, Homelander created super terrorists to serve as a credible threat to the Supes. Ultimately, Homelander’s selfish actions led to the deaths of more innocents and the creation of super-powered anarchists.

3 Omni-Man: Slaughtered the Guardians

The Guardians of the Globe fight the Mauler twins

The first episode of any show is crucial in setting the tone of the show. While most of Invincible It was a typical superhero game, the final moments of the episode changed everything.

Upon receiving a red alert, the Globe Guardians run towards their base of operations only to encounter Omni-Man. Without saying a word, Omni-Man proceeds to brutally slaughter the Guardians one by one. In what has become just the tip of the series’ brutal iceberg, Omni-Man slaughtering the Guardians set the tone and precedent for the series.

two Homelander: Abandoned the plane

Homelander and Maeve watch the plane crash in The Boys

Homelander has done some pretty horrible things; smashed a man’s head like a grape while having sex with Stormfront and framed boys for murder. However, letting an entire plane full of people die was appalling.

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It wasn’t as brutal and cruel as some of his other actions, but as a Superman archetype, Homelander is destined to be the hope and hero to the world. So letting a whole group of people die to further their own cause stands out from all the rest.

1 Omni-Man: brutalized his own son

Omni-Man yells at injured Mark to think about Invincible

A great focal point for Invincible to rests in the father-son dynamic and Mark growing up in his father’s shadow. However, when Mark found out who his father really was and refused to help him, all that love faded when Omni-Man proceeded to beat up his own son all over the world.

From Chicago, where he traumatized Mark with the murder of thousands of people to one of the most brutal beatings on a mountain, Omni-Man was determined to kill his son. While he showed a hint of excitement and regret before the death blow, Omni-Man’s actions still cannot be ruled out, even if he is heading towards redemption like in the comics.

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