The Lizzie McGuire reboot may have been canceled, but the upcoming How I Met Your Father may offer a similar subversive comedy for Hillary Duff.

The news that Lizzie mcguire Hillary Duff herself will star in the long-awaited How i met your mother sister series How i met your father It should be good news for fans disappointed in its huge success, as this show could replace its canceled reboot. Beginning his nine-season run shortly after the end of Friends, How i met your mother It soon established itself as an inventive twist on the “reunion program” formula that had made the earlier success of the New York set so successful.

What Friends, How i met your mother centered on the antics of a group of close friends, some single and some in a relationship, as they navigated the often fun territory of modern dating and work. Unlike Friends, even if, How i met your mother predicted the future by setting his action in the late 2020s, with the protagonist recounting his adventures in his twenties and thirties to his children. This clever premise meant that How i met your mother It could play with perspective and storytelling techniques while offering classic comedy love triangles and comedy scenes.

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Another comedy from the 2000s that played with the conventions of the subgenre, albeit for a younger audience, was Lizzie mcguire. A cult hit still adored by viewers of a certain era, Lizzie mcguire saw its young titular heroine (the breakout role of Hillary Duff) navigate the comic and embarrassing realities of high school life with frequent animated asides that eschewed predictability. As such, the news that the series How i met your father going into production with Hillary Duff in the title role should be exciting for fans of both How i met your mother Y Lizzie mcguire, whose planned adult reboot was canceled last year. Even if how I Met Your MotherThe final season of r was divisive, the sitcom still boasted an impressive track record of delivering fun and inventive twists on sitcom conventions, just like Lizzie mcguire offered a remake of the tired “teenage dramedy”.

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Hilary Duff How I Met Your Father Everything We Know About The HIMYM Spin-Off

The proposal Lizzie mcguire The reboot series was one of the more exciting elements of the initial Disney + announcement, but ironically, the series ended up being canceled due to the same elements that made it exciting for fans of the original show. Much of what made an adult Lizzie mcguire The engaging series was the prospect of seeing Hilary Duff’s likeable lead character become an all-female protagonist who grappled with the complexities of dating, work, and adult life in general, applying the playful but emotionally resonant tone of the original program to a more adult environment. That’s essentially the appeal of How i met your mother, too, with the original series balancing elements of comedy and poignant dramatic moments with more grace than many of its sitcom competitors.

Thanks to the original iteration of Lizzie mcguireHillary Duff even has the pedigree of playing a leading lady in the sitcom who is less hated than Ted Mosby, the ostensible character of Josh Radnor. How i met your mother “hero” who turned out to be as divisive among fans as FriendsRoss Geller before him. It is undeniable that it is a pity that Disney is not willing to change the Lizzie mcguire rebooting content to fit the older demographic now occupied by its original viewers, but the loss of the company is How i met your fathergain. After all, if Duff’s next series can recreate the appeal of its predecessor How i met your mother, then a sitcom about a relatable woman seeking to balance work, love, and life is such a great spiritual follow-up to Lizzie mcguire as fans of the original series would want.

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