Thanos convinced a cosmic hero to save the Marvel Universe after it was accidentally erased during an epic battle in which the heroes lost.

The Marvel Universe was once completely erased, but was eventually recovered thanks to Thanos Convincing Adam warlock To restore it to what it once was In the Final infinity, Warlock woke up when Annihilus’s army defeated several heroes and was about to gain full control of the cosmos. However, Warlock’s inability to control his immense cosmic powers led him to accidentally erase reality, forcing Thanos to save the day.

The Final infinity The story of Jim Starlin, Ron Lim, Andy Smith, Guru-eFX, and Clayton Cowles showed what happened when Thanos was forced to join the Avengers to prevent Annihlus from conquering the cosmos. Resurrected by Lady Death, Thanos convinced the few remaining heroes and villains that his motivations were not to defeat the villain King of Insects for his own gain, but to save the universe. The Mad Titan made his way into the survivor’s good time books, as he battled alongside the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Doctor Doom, and more against the forces of Annihilus. It was an unexpected team, but it wasn’t the last time Thanos would help, he wouldn’t harm the Marvel Universe in the arc.

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In the subsequent fight against Annihlius’s insect army, the survivors of the Marvel Universe are outmatched. Thanos fights while watching the likes of Hyperion, Captain Marvel, and Thor, whom he admitted he respected before being killed, die on the battlefield. When all hope seems lost, Pip the Troll awakens an alternate version of Adam Warlock, who accidentally destroys the entire Marvel Universe in a state of shock. Thanos would be the only being with Warlock in the plane of nothingness and, seeing what he has done to his reality, he tells the cosmic being that he needs to restore the universe to its former self.

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Thanos Adam Warlock Restore the Marvel Universe

When Warlock fails to find the previous universe to bring him back, Thanos suggests that they negotiate with Above-All-Others, the one responsible for life throughout the Multiverse. Thanos convinces the Above-All-Others and Warlock to strike a deal, while restoring the Marvel Universe in exchange for the hero becoming the new Living Tribunal. Annihilus is subsequently defeated and the original Warlock returns to the mortal plane, while the alternate version becomes the arbiter of balance in the universe.

Without Thanos, this version of the Marvel Universe would cease to exist. Thanos sacrificed his pride, associated with the last survivors of the universe, convinced Adam warlock to become the Living Tribunal in exchange for saving her reality and helping to defeat Annihilus. Weather Thanos will always be one of the most monstrous beings in all comics, in Final infinity, saved the Marvel Universe and everyone in it, proving to be a hero during the end of time.

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