Although Jigsaw is the central villain of the saw series, most of the stories have surrounded their apprentices. In fact, the main arch of Saw IV a Puzzle It’s been about the successors to the Jigsaw legacy, with Mark Hoffman, Amanda Young, Logan Nelson and Dr. Gordon taking on the role of apprentice.

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However, there are many gaps in logic when it comes to being a trainee, which the series has largely eluded. With Spiral: from the book of Saw Also circling a Jigsaw impersonator, it’s worth seeing how he and his apprentices have failed to make sense in several areas, including his decisions and faulty logic.

10 Not realizing that Jigsaw has other trainees

Saw 3 Jigsaw and Amanda

It was only shown that Hoffman and Amanda were aware of each other’s existence as Jigsaw’s apprentice, knowing nothing about Logan or Dr. Gordon. However, this should not be possible as Jigsaw was in terrible health during this time and both Amanda and Hoffman were constantly around him.

Dr. Gordon was involved in cheating that took place during Sierra II Y Sierra IV, moments when Jigsaw couldn’t function alone, which meant he couldn’t leave the presence of Hoffman or Amanda long enough to discreetly meet another apprentice. Hoffman was also very aware of Jigsaw’s past, making it doubtful that he was not aware of Logan either.

9 Hoffman pursues Jill despite Jigsaw’s warning

Saw Book Spiral - Detective Hoffman

Hoffman was warned that he was not going to get away with Sierra IV after he found a tape on Jigsaw’s corpse warning him that he would be examined. Knowing that Jigsaw always kept his promises, it didn’t make sense for Hoffman to think it was a good idea to go after Jigsaw’s wife.

Hoffman had seen firsthand how Jigsaw had contingency plans for every situation, even those in which he was not directly involved. And yet he didn’t have the good sense to realize that ending Jill would have dire consequences. In the end, that is exactly what happened.

8 Amanda thinks Jigsaw won’t find out about her inevitable traps

Amanda had developed a habit of devising brutal and devious traps that were inescapable, effectively turning her into a direct killer. At the end of Sierra III, Jigsaw revealed that he had known about this all along and had decided to test whether she had really drifted too far.

Amanda was shown to be horrified by the knowledge of Jigsaw, but her surprise is hard to believe as it really wasn’t that hard for Jigsaw to figure it out. Hoffman had been there the entire time, and his involvement with the police also made it too simple for him to uncover the inescapable traps and alert Jigsaw. It’s pretty ridiculous that Amanda didn’t realize how easily they could expose her.

7 Logan’s sudden decision to start the games again

Logan’s presence can very well relate to Spiral as he is the last Jigsaw apprentice to be active. He revealed his intentions to “speak for the dead” at the end of Puzzle, which was too late if their motives are really analyzed.

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After all, this was a decade after Jigsaw’s disappearance, during which Logan had done nothing. It hadn’t even been active when Jigsaw died or during the apprentice conflicts. Considering that he made no move when he really should have, his decision to become a successor came out of nowhere.

6 The Jigsaw logic behind recruiting apprentices who are clearly deranged

Saw V Jigsaw and Hoffman

Much of the blame for the trainees’ failure has to fall on Jigsaw, whose logic behind recruiting them is something to ponder. Jigsaw was with Amanda, a woman who wanted to die, and Hoffman, a man who clearly wanted to see people suffer.

It was obvious from the start that neither Hoffman nor Amanda shared Jigsaw’s philosophy of appreciating life, as the two had never signed up for the role to begin with. Furthermore, Dr. Gordon also agreed with the part after his own mind went wild finding satisfaction in making Hoffman, Dr. Lynn Denlon and other victims suffer.

5 Apprentices are being evaluated after they have been initiated

Another mistake in the process of becoming a Jigsaw apprentice is the fact that these people are never really sure. Hoffman, Logan, Amanda, and Dr. Gordon had all been trapped before being recruited, which means they met Jigsaw’s requirement of possessing the survival instinct.

Yet for whatever reason, Jigsaw still placed his trainees in life-and-death situations and continued to test them. Logically, their initiation had already been done due to their survival from cheating, so placing them in more games was unfair and redundant.

4 Dr. Gordon’s motivations for siding with Jigsaw after everything that happened

This has been a fairly large plot hole in the saw series for a while, as Dr. Gordon’s role as Jigsaw hardly makes sense. Jigsaw not only placed Gordon in a trap where he had to cut off his foot, but also ordered Zepp to kill Gordon’s family, who only escaped due to Zepp’s incompetence.

Gordon was also taken prisoner by Jigsaw after he escaped his trap, with Adam dying in the meantime, whom Gordon had promised to help. After all, Gordon had no incentive to join Jigsaw’s cause and it was never explained why he ever thought becoming an accessory was good for him.

3 Apprentices showing the same engineering mastery as a puzzle without having any technical knowledge

Logan and the laser trap in Jigsaw

Suspension of disbelief is needed to overlook how Jigsaw managed to obtain materials to create his traps without arousing suspicion. However, it is really an exaggeration to accept that the trainees had the same technical mastery that Jigsaw had when designing the games.

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That’s because Jigsaw was established to have been a highly successful engineer, which means he had the knowledge and skills necessary to put the traps together. None of the trainees had technical experience implementing the complex mechanics behind the games, but somehow they were able to do it.

two Their inexplicable disappearances

amanda saw

Logan is said to have worked as an army medic, which is why he went to the events of the original movies. However, he also did not work for the military long enough, which means there is a huge gap in the chronology as to why he was absent.

The same goes for the other trainees, with Hoffman absent for games like the bathroom trap and during Amanda’s initiation for no reason. Dr. Gordon was also absent for a long time after the first movie without giving explanations as to what he was doing before reappearing in 3D saw.

1 Go against the teachings of Jigsaw despite knowing the consequences

Hoffman is caught in the reverse bear trap

At the heart of it all, Jigsaw’s most famous quote on appreciating life is what his philosophy is built around. The apprentices knew about this, but they still went against Jigsaw’s teachings. Amanda and Hoffman were aware of what would happen if someone failed the test, but they acted out of line by ignoring the consequences.

It stands to reason that an accomplice is aware of the brutal deaths suffered by those who defy Jigsaw, which means that these people should logically be the strictest with their rules. Despite this, Hoffman and Amanda broke Jigsaw’s code and should have expected their eventual demise.

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