A line in the first footage from Gemma Chan’s Sersi Marvel movie Eternals suggests a big shift in the team’s backstory at Marvel Comics.

A line in the first Marvel footage Eternal The movie suggests a big change is coming for the comic book characters’ backstory. In the Marvel Phase 4 preview images, Gemma Chan’s Sersi told Kingo Sunen (Kumail Nanjiani): “We are the ones who change everything.“That could imply a significant alteration in the history of the team.

Due to all the delays related to the coronavirus pandemic, fans have had to wait a long time to see what is perhaps the most mysterious movie on Marvel’s Phase 4 list. Eternal. Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternal is a project that focuses on a group of super-powered immortals created by the legendary cartoonist and comic book writer Jack Kirby. Compared to the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the X-Men, these lesser-known heroes have had a small presence in the comics, giving Marvel plenty of leeway when it comes to adapting them to the MCU. Marvel is expected to stick with the core concepts of the original 1976 Kirby series, but not much else is known about what Marvel plans to do with them on the big screen.

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Sersi “we are the ones who change everythingThe comment hints that the MCU’s version of their story will lean in a different direction than what the comics did with them. What it suggests is that the Eternals had some kind of huge impact on the world. It’s not exactly clear what he’s referring to, but the implication is that the Eternals’ actions may have changed the course of the MCU’s Earth history. The film is known to last for several thousand years, so it is quite possible that it refers to events that took place in ancient times. Part of what’s intriguing about that is how it contrasts with Kirby’s Eternals in Marvel Comics.

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Eternals Gemma Chan as Sersi

In the comics, it was explained that the Eternals had very little involvement in the history of the planet. Their leader, Zuras, established the rule that his people were not allowed to interfere in human affairs. So for thousands of years, they have kept to themselves. Exceptions were kept to a minimum, and the Eternals only assisted them on rare occasions, such as when Ikaris guided Noah’s Ark through a storm. The rule was so important that one Eternal in particular, Gilgamesh, was ostracized and labeled the “Forgotten” for breaking it. Your race following this pattern of non-interference makes sense when looking at all the wars and tragedies that have occurred in human history. Many likely wouldn’t have happened if the Eternals, Marvel’s most powerful superhero team, had acted.

However, it seems the Eternals chimed in at some point in the MCU, and they did it in a big way. For Sersi to say that “All changed “ everything they did must have been much more than a simple exception to the rule. It seems that in the MCU’s version of the story, the Eternals are actually responsible for the current state of the world. It can be discovered that if it weren’t for them, the entire human civilization would have been conquered by the Deviants or wiped out by the Celestials.

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