Spanish-German actor Daniel Brühl first played Helmut Zemo in 2016 Captain America: Civil War. His performance received positive reviews and fans wondered when they would see him again, considering the film’s open ending. A less melancholic and cheeky Zemo would return five years later in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierr, and the fans welcomed him with enthusiasm.

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On the show, Zemo finally wears his iconic purple mask from the comics, though his outfit receives a more contemporary adaptation. Zemo has long been a favorite of cosplayers around the world, and with his renewed popularity, fans are now giving their own interpretations of the classic comic book character.

10 Straight to business

Andy is a 32-year-old cosplayer and describes himself as a Zen master. His Instagram page is a testament to his considerable talent for cosplay, bringing to life assorted characters like the Joker, Sweeney Todd, Din Djarin, aka the Mandalorian, and Hawkeye.

For his Zemo cosplay, Andy opts for a faithful adaptation of the show’s costume. The mask and coat are perfect, but what really sells it all is the attitude. With just one look in those eyes, anyone would be afraid of this mysterious masked man.

9 In control

Like Andy, Eros Metaprime is committed to a simple adaptation of the character. The mask nails the color, even if it’s streak-free, while the gloves and coat are impressively accurate. Additionally, the pose ties the cosplay together, channeling Zemo’s controlling personality.

Eros is a 26-year-old cosplayer who also identifies as Hufflepuff. His Instagram page is full of great transformations, including classic ones. Harry Potter characters like Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy, as well as pop culture mainstays like Jafar and Chief Hopper.

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8 A toast!

Beta is a 27-year-old cosplayer and writer. Her cosplay work includes inspired choices like ShamelessMickey Milkovich and AtlantisVinny Santorini.

For her Zemo cosplay, Beta runs out of a mask. Adding just the right amount of hair to her face and slicked back hair, Beta channels the elegant and polite side of Zemo’s personality. The result is a clear and refreshing version of the antagonistic yet charming character.

7 Zemo Unmasked

Pascal comes from Holland. He is a fan of Dr. who, Star Wars, DC, and of course, Marvel. With his cosplays, explore different characters, from the Eleventh Doctor to Frozenis Kristoff, and even some original options like JD’s Heather.

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Because of his portrayal of the character, Pascal chooses to unmask the baron. He holds the mask in front of the camera, with an icy and even disdainful expression on his face. The costume is also very accurate, elevating everything.

6 A game of ingenuity

Baron Zemo is known for his cunning and resourcefulness. He only rips apart the Avengers using only his wits, making him one of the only MCU villains to emerge victorious. And he manages to win twice because it ends TFatWS in a better position than he was initially.

Max is a cosplayer and Mad max fan who also enjoys aura, Falland Marvel. He understands and values ​​Zemo’s intellect and chooses to place his cosplay in the middle of a game of chess. The result seems straight out of the page of the comic.

5 Mix it up

In the comics, Baron Zemo wears a golden crown on top of his mask. He also has a slightly more exaggerated personality, reflected in his colorful purple and gold outfit. In the comics, the mask also hides Zemo’s disfigured face.

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Elias, a cosplayer from San Diego who loves Michael Jackson, horror movies and the San Francisco 49ers, goes for a mix of classic and modern. He wears the MCU version of Zemo’s costume but keeps the golden crown from the comics. His cosplay also includes knee pads and greaves, which makes him a bit militaristic.

4 An unspoken connection

Bucky and Zemo’s relationship plays an important role in TFatWS. Their conflict of ideologies leads them to confront each other, but they still understand the importance of their unstable alliance. In the end, Bucky even earns Zemo’s respect, although not that he wants or needs it.

This dichotomy shines through in @princewonderous cosplay. Tasya is a cosplayer, makeup artist, and seamstress who fills her Instagram page with creative and colorful characters. Together with the partner cosplayer @ _r.nk4, give life to one of the most unexpected and intimate moments of TFatWS, where Zemo invades Bucky’s personal space and even adorns his cleft chin.

3 The baron arrives

Fans went wild with the announcement of Zemo’s return, expecting the character to wear his famous comic book mask. The Marvel Gods did not disappoint, and Zemo did indeed don the purple garment, though the rest of his glittery outfit remains exclusive to the page.

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Cosplayer @the_masked_fox goes for a tough version of Zemo’s mask. Made by Héctor Díaz, which specializes in 3D printed helmets and accessories, the mask gives a whole new look to cosplay, making the Baron appear even more menacing. A prop gun and a cute costume are the ideal finishing touches.

two Classic Zemo

One of the best things about cosplay is taking those flashy superhero outfits off the page and into the real world. Baron Zemo’s classic outfit, which includes the aforementioned gold crown, bright yellow gloves, and fur lining around the armpits, may not look like something that would look good in real life.

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However, cosplayer, artist, and costume designer Levi James proves that the iconic outfit can not only work, it can actually succeed. Faithfully translating all the classic elements into a real costume, James becomes the spitting image of Zemo.

1 The magic of makeup!

Makeup artists can sometimes achieve magic. Mizzy, actress, gamer, cosplayer, and storyteller, is living proof. His Instagram page is full of examples of his work, which beautifully translates to fantastic characters like Jack Frost and the Mad Hatter.

For his Baron Zemo cosplay, Mizzy goes for makeup and becomes Daniel Brühl. Her costume is pretty cool too, but it’s the flawless makeup that really steals the show. And he even does Zemo’s little dance, which only enhances an already perfect cosplay.

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