Renée Elise GoldsberryThe career is a showcase of versatility, from years of working on soap operas to coming to Broadway as one of the original cast members of Hamilton to star in two seasons of Netflix’s sci-fi action thriller Altered carbon. But one sweet spot he’s found is the intersection of music and comedy, as featured in Peacock’s new comedy. Girls5eva.

Created by Meredith scardino and executive produced by Tina fey Y Robert Carlock, the series highlights the surviving members of a 2000-era girl group as they have a potential chance to return. Goldsberry plays Wickie (known at one time as “the fierce one”), an experience she attributes to past experiences in bringing her Tony Award-winning talents to the world of comedy, including comedy. Documentary now episode “Co-Op”. The episode, a brilliant tribute to the documentary about the making of the Business Cast, not only featured Goldsberry singing very fast about cocaine, but it took her into new realms of the comedy community.

In a personal interview with Collider, Goldsberry reflected on how that experience was not the first time he had worked with Girls5eva co-star Paula Skin, which Girls5eva song gets the most stuck in her head, and why she is confident that the show will get a second season.

Collider: I want to start by asking how I’m doing Cooperative Did it affect you, when making this combination of music and then also comedy?

GOLDSBERRY: Oh my God. Well, sometimes I guess in my career I have had the opportunity to work with different subsets of actors. And it actually started with the Sisters movie. Paula Pell wrote the movie Sisters, and Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and many of their talented comedy friends were in it. And that’s the first time that I was able to hang out with that group of people and I really rubbed shoulders with that kind of creative thinking, that kind of constant improvisation, jokes and sketches all the time and the way my team was always cracking. . and runs vocally.

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And that also existed in Cooperative. It was like this wonderful combination between the collaborators who were and the writers of that Saturday night live skits from the world of comedy, and then me and a couple of people from musical theater. We got along really well, we had such great mutual respect and they liked what we did. It made me feel like … what’s that commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter? Chocolate and peanut butter mixed together, now can’t you just have one again? This is how I feel right now. An eternity. We need to mix up comedians and musical theater people so that we can get this amazing gift.


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That is wonderful. What was the kind of tone they gave you when they brought you on the show?

GOLDSBERRY: They didn’t have to pitch too hard due to the track record of Tina Fey, Meredith Scardino, and the fact that Sarah Bareilles is my crush, she’s my wife Wednesday crush. I feel like the pilot itself, just the words, just what they wrote, just what they dreamed of before passing Episode 1, just the title of the show, Girls5eva, and how hard it was for me to understand that until I read the first few pages. from the script and I heard that song … I was like, “Oh my gosh.” That alone was a great invitation to the biggest dance party of my life.

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GOLDSBERRY: Oh my gosh, it really is a choice between this wonderful song “Girls5eva”, because I have to sing it all the time, because I have to help people understand what we are talking about. I’m going to go [singing] “Girls5eva what?” I have to sing that to explain what we are doing. And then they say, “Oh.”

I also love “Four Stars” by Sarah Bareilles. I cried the first time I heard it. It’s a song he wrote for the end of the show and it really stands out and celebrates that the show is more than just comedy. It’s about the love of these women. And they hug themselves despite any flaws. I love that. And, just for the sake of comedy, there is a show called “Dream Girlfriends.” I know I am not the only person who said this. Just show off this bright and comical writing, catchy pop, and the best lyrics you ever thought you needed to hear about the girlfriend of your dreams. Because your parents are dead, so you never have to meet them and be asked why you dropped out of school. Like lyrically, these things are just plain crack.

The title track is fascinating because, unlike other songs from that era, it’s not about boys, essentially. It’s about girls doing it for themselves. From your perspective, what does it mean to you that it was like the great success of the band Girl5eva?

GOLDSBERRY: It is quite beautiful. When you said you really enlightened me, maybe why none of his other songs played. I do not know. Maybe I’m sure the creators knew that I never realized it. Yes. I don’t know if we understand, any of us who are successful in doing something, why exactly it worked at the time. We really don’t know. And if we did, maybe we could be more successful moving forward. I think it’s pretty amazing that naturally they’ve done something that takes them 20 years to figure out how to keep doing it. I think they are not the only ones. And I love that he’s looking me straight in the face, and now I can tell why you said so. I also love that they get caught up in a trick of counting, using numbers and counting, and they have made us realize how numerical a large part of our vocabulary is.


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In terms of a possible second season, have you made any pitches on that?

GOLDSBERRY: You know, it’s crazy. Two things, first of all, we don’t even officially have a season 2, and I’m so realistic, but never in my life have I felt so good and so confident with the opportunity to continue telling this story. I know it very well. I know for sure that we will get [a second season] and no one has told me what we have. Before watching any footage. Just because I know how chemistry works. I know how it feels.

And the chemistry between us is so strong and so real, but not only that. I think the chemistry between a time and a theme is really important. And I think we need this kind of hope right now. We need some people to dream of something ridiculous. And to carry it out with courage. I just think we need it. So I’m sure I have a second season, because who doesn’t want people to keep doing that? Clearly we still need it.

Girls5Eva is now broadcasting on Peacock.

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