Like heroes, villains have their own role to play in the Naruto Serie. In opposition to heroes fighting for justice and the desire to defend peace, villains also have their own motivations. Interestingly, not all villains start out evil.

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Many villains in Naruto they often have noble intentions, but at some point in their lives, they get lost and end up on the side of evil. However far they deviate from the path of good, some find redemption before they die. There have been many villain deaths whose stories are truly heartbreaking, as is their final death.

10 Arashi’s cousin will never meet his cousin

Arashi before transformation

Arashi is a shinobi from the Fuma Clan. He is seduced by Orochimaru, who promises to help restore the Fuma Clan to its former glory. While Arashi is with Orochimaru, his cousin Sasame searches for him. Sasame eventually finds Arashi posing as Orochimaru and realizes that he cannot save himself.

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With the help of Naruto, Sasame struggles with his cousin, the shock causing the hiding place around him to collapse. Finally, coming to his senses, Arashi tells Sasame that he has no intention of leaving the hideout. Arashi dies and Sasame realizes that he will never get his cousin back.

9 Raiga sacrifices himself for Ranmaru’s independence

Raiga before dying

Raiga is a jonin from Hidden Mist Village. He also serves in Anbu Black Ops and becomes one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. While serving in the Anbu, Raiga discovers a disabled young man named Ranmaru.

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Ranmaru and Raiga explore the world together, both finding meaning in their lives, something Raiga always yearned for. After an encounter with Naruto and company, Raiga realizes that Ranmaru is too dependent on him. Raiga ends his life to free Ranmaru.

8 Madara’s friendship prevails over his mistaken ideals

Madara is a member of the Uchiha Clan born during the Warring States Period. He befriends Hashirama Senju and the two share the same dream of creating a world where children no longer have to fight. However, when the two discover each other’s identities, Madara breaks off his friendship with Hashirama.

Madara and Hashirama’s rivalry lasts for years. Even in death, the reanimated Madara bears a grudge against Hashirama. Madara finally realizes that his methods of achieving peace were wrong. Before Madara dies, Hashirama tells him that despite everything he’s done, he’s still a friend.

7 Konan gives up his bad habits and sacrifices himself

Konan is one of the founding members of Akatsuki. Together with Nagato and Yahiko, Konan hoped to create a world of peace. After Nagato dies, Konan tells Naruto that he has finished with the Akatsuki organization and offers him paper flowers as a symbol of peace.

Konan takes Nagato’s body and places it with Yahiko’s. She is the only person who knows where to find their bodies. When Tobi arrives at Hidden Rain Village to take Nagato’s Rinnegan, Konan dies trying to stop Tobi from obtaining Nagato’s whereabouts.

6 Sasori is killed by his grandmother

Sasori and his puppets

Sasori is a skilled puppet master from Hidden Sand Village. Orphaned as a child, Sasori is raised by his grandmother, Chiyo, who teaches him puppets. He later joins Akatsuki and, along with Deidara, captures Gaara.

Sasori faces his grandmother in battle when he joins Sakura and Naruto on their mission to get Gaara back. During their fight, Chiyo uses the puppets of Sasori’s mother and father to defeat him. He dies in the embrace of his parents’ puppets.

5 Obito remembers his roots

Obito falling apart from Kaguya's attack

Obito is a shinobi from Hidden Leaf Village, presumed dead for most of the series. After Madara rescues him, Obito becomes one of the main villains. However, Obito is manipulated by Madara and Black Zetsu.

During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto confronts Obito and makes him realize that he has been manipulated. Obito finally reconciles within himself that he is still Obito Uchiha, a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. When Kaguya attacks with her All-Killing Ash Bones jutsu, Obito sacrifices himself to save Naruto and Kakashi.

4 Nagato dies believing in Naruto

5 young nagato uzumaki

Nagato doesn’t start out as a villain. He wants to create a more peaceful world, solving conflicts without violence. For a time, Jiraiya even considers him the Child of Prophecy. However, after Yahiko’s death, Nagato’s means of creating a better world becomes increasingly obscure.

Naruto approaches Nagato, but refuses to get revenge on him. Naruto’s actions change Nagato and he uses the Celestial Life Samsa technique to undo the death he has caused. The technique costs Nagato her life and she dies putting her faith in the future in Naruto’s hands.

3 Zabuza regrets his treatment of Hako

haku zabuza final moments naruto

Zabuza is a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of Hidden Mist Village. A thug named Gato hires him to take out a bridge builder. Team 7 is in charge of escorting the bridge builder and inevitably runs into Zabuza and Haku during their mission.

When Haku dies, Naruto scolds Zabuza for his coldness. Zabuza uses the last of his energy to kill Gato and atone for his treatment of Haku. While dying, Zabuza asks to be placed next to Haku and dies in hopes that he and Haku will end up together in the afterlife.

two Haku lived live as a tool to protect

1 quest for Yuki Clan

Haku is an orphan boy who is taken in by Zabuza. He is trained to be the ultimate tool that Zabuza can use at his disposal. Before meeting Zabuza, Haku believed that his existence was unimportant.

During his time with Zabuza, Haku develops the belief that a person only becomes stronger when he has something to protect. For Haku, Zabuza is the person he wants to protect. Haku is completely dedicated to Zabuza. He jumps in front of Kakashi’s Chidori to protect Zabuza and dies believing that he has done his duty as the ultimate tool.

1 Itachi was forced to be a villain

Itachi is a former member of the Anbu Black Ops and a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. He slaughters his entire clan, leaving only his younger brother alive. He leaves the Hidden Leaf as a criminal and joins Akatsuki.

Itachi plays his villain role very well, tormenting Sasuke whenever he gets the chance. Sasuke spends his entire youth training to get stronger so he can kill Itachi. When Sasuke finally manages to kill his older brother, Itachi smiles at him. Only after Itachi’s death does Sasuke learn of the suffering his brother endured while playing the role of the villain.

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