The Poison: let there be slaughter The trailer finally hit the internet and gave a great look at what fans can expect from the upcoming Sony Marvel movie. The first film Poison, hit in 2018 with Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, and showing how he became Venom. Now that movie’s post-credits scene has led to the sequel.

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Woody Harrelson has appeared as Cletus Kasady, the serial killer turned Carnage. The Poison: let there be slaughter The trailer shows when Kasady turns into Carnage and adds some glimpses to the film’s second villain, Shriek. It also continues to show off Brock and Venom’s relationship as they prepare to fight their strongest enemy.

10 Crushed the spider

Cletus Kasady sitting in his cell talking to Eddie Brock in Venom Let There Be Carnage

Cletus Kasady is talking to Eddie Brock at the Poison: let there be slaughter trailer. Kasady explains that he will go out and create a carnage. There was a point in the speech where Kasady mocks Eddie Brock and says “waiting in the dark for the rescuer who never comes”. At that point, Kasady crushes a spider, clearly hinting that Spider-Man is out there somewhere, but he won’t be here to help Venom. This could show that Spider-Man is still not returning to a Sony movie.

9 Avengers lose?

Detective Mulligan crumpled up the newspaper.

There is a moment when Poison: let there be slaughter trailer where Detective Mulligan is reading a newspaper and gets angry and throws it away. Mulligan is a police detective investigating the link between Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady while trying to find all the murder victims Kasady killed who remain undiscovered. Mulligan crumples the newspaper. Stop the trailer at the correct second and a story will be displayed within the role.

The inside page has a headline with the words “… engers lo … Nightm …” The first two words have to be “Avengers lose” and the third is “Nightmare”. This is likely just a fun Easter egg for the MCU, as rumors hint that Nightmare is the one. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity villain.

8 Daily Bugle hints at a different land from MCU

J. Jonah Jameson standing in his office.

There are two scenes from the Poison: let there be slaughter trailer involving someone reading a newspaper. In the first, Detective Mulligan reads the newspaper that had the Avengers Easter egg. The second has Eddie Brock looking at the Daily Bugle as well. There are two things to keep in mind here. The Daily Bugle is not an MCU newspaper, but an online tabloid. Second, this newspaper looks like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman movies, making it seem like Venom isn’t in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man world.

7 Ravoncroft Institute

The door that leads to the Ravencroft Institute.

The trailer takes a moment to show the Ravencroft Institute. In the comics, Ravencroft is in Westchester County, New York, and Norman Osborn is the man in charge. This is where the villains, mostly Spider-Man villains in the comics, end up being dispatched when captured. On Poison: let there be slaughter, it could be the west coast version of The Raft from the MCU.

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However, there is also a possibility that this scene takes place in New York, and Venom returns to Eddie’s old grounds. A scene from Ravencroft shows a woman lying down. This is actress Naomie Harris, who plays Shriek, another symbiote villain.

6 He shouted

Shriek is lying in bed at the Ravencroft Institute.

Shriek escaped when Ravencroft burned down. The Poison: let there be slaughter The trailer showed almost nothing of his character. Shriek is the second villain in the film, but her role remains a mystery. In the comics, she was Carnage’s lover, albeit in a Joker / Harley Quinn way. She had a traumatic childhood and ended up isolated for years. While it’s only hinted at in the trailer, Shriek could become this movie’s Harley Quinn, someone Carnage uses for his own purposes, a truly tragic character.

5 Is there another symbiote?

Carnage goes crazy in Venom Let There Be Carnage

Look at the fire in it Poison: let there be slaughter trailer. That’s Shriek dating someone. This could be Carnage. However, there is also the possibility that it is someone else, someone she knew within Ravencroft and another villain. There is hope from fans that the Venom franchise could eventually lead to Maximum kill, which is a giant battle involving Venom, Spider-Man, and other heroes fighting Carnage and his army of symbiotes. Could this movie feature other symbiotes to spark that possibility? Could this second person leaving Ravencroft be one of them?

4 Detective mulligan

Detective Mulligan reading the Daily Bugle.

Speaking of symbiotes in the Marvel Universe, the Poison: let there be slaughter The trailer did a lot to show Detective Mulligan. There’s even a scene where Venom acts like he wants to attack Mulligan, showing a true antagonistic relationship. If there is a Maximum kill movie in the future, Mulligan could play an important role.

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In the comics, Patrick Mulligan is a police officer who ended up getting a symbiote host of his own. However, it was proof that symbiotes adopt the nature of their hosts, and Toxin became a hero.

3 Shit?

Cletus Kasady's cell has symbols on all the walls.

There were some shots in the Poison: let there be slaughter trailer that made it look like a religious fervor arose around the symbiotes. There was a stained glass window of the Cult of Carnage and there were symbols all over Cletus Kasady’s cell. This could lead to the god of symbiotes, Knull. A cult of Knull existed in the comics; This cosmic being created symbiotes, and has just appeared in the King in Black Marvel story. Could he Poison the franchise led to the arrival of Knull?

two Poison loves chocolate

Eddie Brock is angry because he wants chocolate

Poison wanting chocolate at the end of the Poison: let there be slaughter trailer was a fun time. However, it comes straight from the comics and makes sense of the joke. When Venom realizes that the chocolate shipment hasn’t arrived, he says it might eat Ms. Chen. This is more than a joke. In the original Poison comics, Eddie Brock worked hard to get Venom to stop eating people. He substituted chocolate, and that really worked, filling his hunger. Without chocolate, the hunger to eat people returns.

1 Stan Lee’s cameos continue

Eddie Brock walks into the store with Stan Lee magazine on the counter.

Look at the beginning of the Poison: let there be slaughter trailer when Eddie Brock walks into Ms. Chen’s convenience store. Ms. Chen greets Eddie and then Venom, who greets her back. It’s a fun moment, but there’s also a Stan Lee cameo here. Look at the magazine on the counter next to Ms. Chen; Stan Lee is on the cover of that magazine, as his influence remains.

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