Clare Crawley shared a heartfelt Mother’s Day post dedicated to her mother, who is currently battling dementia. Fans praised Clare for the sweet post.

During the weekend, ex Bachelorette party Star Clare Crawley shared a heartfelt Mother’s Day post dedicated to her mother, who is currently battling dementia. The former reality star opened up about her mother’s illness during her season of High school and how much was lost due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Clare was able to reconnect with her mother in January after not seeing each other for almost a year. Although it has been a challenging year for Clare, she is happy to be able to spend Mother’s Day with her mom by her side.

Viewers witnessed Clare’s struggle to talk about her mother’s battle during her season of the ABC reality series last fall. However, he kept going while filming and found the love of his life in Dale Moss. The couple got engaged in a couple of weeks and left the show together. In January, three months after their engagement aired, Dale announced that he and Clare had separated. Despite their separation, the couple was spotted in Miami, New York City and their hometown of Sacramento a month later.

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On Sunday, Clare crawley shared a sweet message dedicated to her mom for Mother’s Day. The hairdresser’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and currently lives in a care facility. She wrote in the caption: “Sometimes it is too difficult to put into words, the severity of the hole that Alzheimer’s and dementia have left us“Clare began.”Names may not be remembered and memories fade, but one thing it will NEVER take away from you is the love between a mother and daughter. Happy mother’s day mom. “Above the caption is a picture of Clare holding her mother and giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

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Fans applauded Clare for the moving post, leading to Reddit to share your thoughts. One person was glad that Clare was spending time with her mother amid the pandemic. They said, “I’m so glad that she can be with her mom in person and hug her now for both her and her mom. Insanity is so brutal for everyone. “Some fans related to Clare’s situation as they also have a father who suffers or has passed away from dementia. Another praised Clare for being such an amazing daughter for taking care of her mother during such a difficult time.

Watching a parent suffer such a brutal illness can be a challenging situation. Clare is doing what she can to help her mother, even though Clare finds it difficult to watch her suffer. At least Clare has Dale by her side, with whom she is now in Hawaii, as she faces her mother’s battle.

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Sources: Clare Crawley (Instagram), Reddit

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