Deaths in DC Comics may not be permanent, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave an emotional impact on readers. This also applies to supervillains who, despite their murderous backgrounds and general nastiness, can still bring some pity to their deaths.

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That being said, not all villain deaths are the end of evil. Sometimes an antagonist finally found a way to redeem himself, but paid with his life. This may not exactly make up for your past sins, but it shows that no one is really far from saving.

Warning: Spoilers below.

10 Lex Luthor pays the ultimate sacrifice

Attack of the supermen

Lex had a series of alternate deaths in the DC Multiverse, though his ending in The last knight on earth it is easily his most pathetic yet tragic. After finally defeating Superman, Lex immediately regrets his victory and his life choices as the Man of Steel’s death leads to global anarchy. The world is torn apart, leaving Lex a shattered man.

Desperate to atone, Lex clones Superman as he tries to guide a Kryptonian rocket out of a timeline parallel to Earth. Lex is killed by his artificial Supermen, but not after putting Wonder Woman and Batman to safety. If it makes you feel better Last knight on earth The epilogue reveals that Lex’s plans paid off, with an alternate Kal-El landing safely on Earth.

9 Mind-controlled Captain Marvel remembers who he was

Captain Marvel stops the nuclear weapon

To be fair, Billy Batson was under the influence of Lex Luthor’s brainwashing at the time of Kingdom comedark future. But even after Bruce Wayne gets it back, it takes a while before Billy returns to his heroic self. When he regains Shazam’s powers, Captain Marvel attacks the Gulag, inadvertently worsening the superhuman war.

As two generations of warring heroes clash, Captain Marvel overpowers Superman and forces him into a corner. It is only when the two of them realize that the nuclear missiles are headed their way that Captain Marvel is freed from Luthor’s bondage. In a last minute act of redemption, Captain Marvel flies towards the nuclear bomb and explodes it in midair with the powers he has been granted.

8 Superman from Earth Two dies redeeming himself

Superman Earth Two dies

After saving the multiverse, Earth-Two’s Superman is bitter because the DC Universe turned into a grim and harsh hell. This motivates him and Superboy-Prime (both under the influence of Alexander Luthor, of course) to declare war on DC’s present (i.e., Earth-One) during Infinite Crisis. Their goal: to resurrect their “perfect” worlds at the expense of others.

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Earth-Two Superman only realizes his mistakes when Earth-One Superman reminds him that achieving a perfect world is simply impossible. To save the day, the two Supermen fight side by side and defeat Superboy-Prime. The Golden Age Superman succumbs to his injuries, finally reuniting with his beloved Lois Lane in death.

7 Superboy-Prime dies a hero

Krypto is in mourning for Superboy-Prime

Later Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime established himself as one of the most insane villains in superhero comics of all time. It went from one reboot to the next, demolishing countless realities in a vain attempt to become the center of the universe. Come back in Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Secret Origin, where he does the impossible: readers like him.

During the final war that broke the multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs offers Superboy-Prime his own utopia if he takes his side. Superboy-Prime rejects the offer and eventually realizes that his selfishness killed billions. He dies unnoticed while killing Barbatos’s disciple, but awakens in a new world where he can restart life as the hero he always wanted to be.

6 Deadshot finally bites the dust

Aerie holds Deadshot

One of the longest running jokes about any Suicide Squad career is how Deadshot seems insensitive to death, despite the fatal motives of both his call sign and his team name. That changed in one of the more recent executions of Task Force X where, surprisingly, Deadshot dies. Specifically, Black Mask (disguised as Superman) shot Floyd Lawton in the face.

What makes Deadshot’s disappearance tragic is that his 2019 incarnation was arguably one of the most humanized and identifiable yet. Not only was Deadshot finally pardoned, but his daughter Zoe was excitedly waiting for him to return. Unfortunately, Deadshot’s incredible good luck ended when he discovered that “Superman” was a fake.

5 Bizarro dies and wins the love of Lex Luthor

Bizarro dies saving Lex

To be fair, any of Bizarro’s deaths can break the heart of any DC reader. As a failed clone of Superman, Bizarro is more childish than Superman’s evil self. That said, his passing Always wrong She ranks high because of the unexpected bond she had with Lex. In short, Bizarro was the closest person Lex had to a son.

During the invasion of the Crime Syndicate, Lex prematurely activates a clone of Superman that turns into Bizarro. Lex is initially annoyed by Bizarro, but is attracted to him. When Bizarro died fighting, Lex broke down and vowed revenge. Always wrong it then ends with Lex restarting his Superman cloning program not to replicate the Man of Steel, but to create another Bizarro.

4 Solomon Grundy gets his reward in death

Hawkgirl holds Solomon Grundy in death

Justice League animated series is filled with some of DC’s most emotional moments, with Solomon Grundy’s retroactive origin story and death as one of them. In two-part “The Terror Beyond,” the undead brute is recruited to stop the DC equivalent of Cthulhu. Grundy dies fighting the ancient evil, but that’s not what makes DC fans cry for what they consider his best description to date.

Here, Grundy formed a strange but sincere friendship with Hawkgirl (also known as “Bird Nose”). There’s even a chance that Grundy will regain his humanity and atone for his past with the help of Hawkgirl. Unfortunately, he only gets his reward with death. His resurrection in Unlimited justice league where Hawkgirl had to have mercy on killing him only makes things sadder.

3 The Joker falls to his death

Martha Wayne falls to her death

Somehow, Flash point features a Batman story that is darker than conventional Batman comics. That, and it actually gives his alternate Joker a tragic backstory that’s hard not to sympathize with. Here, Bruce is killed by Joe Chill, leaving the Waynes shattered. Thomas becomes a bloodthirsty Batman, while Martha descends into madness as the Joker.

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Batman chases Joker to a decrepit Wayne mansion, where he tells him that he found a way to rewrite history so that Bruce lives while they die in his place. This calms Martha for a moment, but is broken when Thomas reveals that Bruce is destined to become Batman. Refusing to accept this dark fate, Martha runs into a fit of denial and falls to her death in a nearby cave.

two Terra loses his mind and takes his life

Terra causes an earthquake

Terra’s betrayal in The Judas contract It’s not just one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire Teen Titans canon, but comics in general as well. By the time the comic begins, Terra has become a central Titan and is sticking with Changeling. However, Terra was only getting close to the Titans because she was following Deathstroke’s orders and had a crush on him.

During the fight at HIVE headquarters, Terra’s mental state worsens when a Deathstroke possessed by Jericho attacks her. Torn between loyalties and feeling betrayed by everyone, Terra unleashes a deadly earthquake to end her own life. In the end, even the Titans acknowledge that Terra was not entirely evil, but misunderstood and manipulated.

1 Harley and Ivy restart their life and love

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy start over

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are not just one of DC’s top couples, but arguably one of the most famous couples in all of the comics. That said, their romance reached an emotional high point on the Valentine’s Day special. DC: Love is a battlefield. Here an old Harley and Ivy reminisce about the glory days before Harley died of old age.

Before Harley passes away, Ivy reveals that she was able to modify her Lazarus Seeds. While they will be able to resurrect Harley and Ivy as plant beings, they will not be able to recreate their memories, essentially “killing” their current self. However, Harley doesn’t mind promising to find Ivy earlier in her second life.

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