In the wake of an epic betrayal, Barry Allen contemplates his own role in creating the Forces that divide Team Flash to its core.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Flash Season 7, Episode 9, “Timeless,” which aired Tuesday on The CW.

With The flash Season 7 introduces new Forces, the reborn Speed ​​Force, taking the physical appearance and name of Barry Allen’s late mother, Nora, has decided to take matters into her own hands and destroy these new beings herself. Betraying Team Flash, Nora made her true intentions known when she murdered Alexa, a young woman who inadvertently became a host to the Force Force, assuming the personality of the Force. And as Barry reels from being manipulated, he develops a plan that potentially puts him at odds with the rest of his friends and family.

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Nora reveals that she specifically targeted the Force because it was the most powerful of the rival Forces that had emerged when Barry and Iris revived the Speed ​​Force and required a portion of Barry’s energies to kill Alexa. Arguing that the new Forces and the people they bond with make them unnatural, Nora implores Barry to join her in purging them all by any means necessary. Barry refuses to help Nora kill more people, resulting in a frustrated Nora promising to kill the Forces on her own and show Barry the error of her misperception. Chester and Cisco track the energy firms tied to the new Forces, and Barry and Iris realize that they are, in fact, directly responsible for their creation.

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As Cisco tells what happened to his girlfriend Kamilla at Jitters the next day, she reveals that she received an impressive job offer in San Francisco, and Cisco visibly contemplates moving out of Central City before giving Kamilla a camera with an isotopic monitor. to help her anticipate that the Forces, including Nora, will threaten her. Meanwhile, Barry decides to take more dramatic plans and measures to travel back in time and prevent the Forces from being created, haunted by Alex’s death and aware that it could ultimately cost him his speed. Cisco is concerned that Barry will accidentally create another alternate timeline and Iris feels that the move would eliminate Nora from existence, assassin or not, and leaves Team Flash rather than consenting to Barry.

As Iris regroups with Kamilla and Allegra, Kamilla’s new device detects that Iris has trace elements of the Speed ​​Force within reviving him and realizes that they can potentially use this connection to summon Nora to them. Using the modified tachyon enhancer, Team Flash deduces that they can use it to retrieve the particles and prevent the Forces from appearing. For additional support in this time-bending mission, Barry travels to the time loop where Harrison Wells resides with his wife Tess and recruits him to serve as a tether to travel back to the moment when the Forces were unleashed to stop his creation in the root. As Harrison’s willingness to join the mission is underscored by his own love for Tess, his comments clearly strike a chord with Cisco as he continues to reflect on his relationship with Kamilla.

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Chester’s mods with the tachyon enhancer accidentally rip Still Force host Deon to STAR Labs in the present. As Barry explains his plan to Deon, Deon prefers to retain his connection to the Unmoving Force and maintain his powers before using his abilities to freeze time and escape, aging the tachyon enhancer for centuries in the blink of an eye as he escapes. As Chester observes that he can fix the power-up with spare parts, the experience leaves Cisco and Chester to agree with Iris that Barry has no right to undo the Forces without the consent of their hosts; Harrison admits that he will support Barry, but expresses his own concerns. Unconvinced, Barry continues to push for booster repairs, causing Cisco to leave. Barry entrusts Joe with the moral efficacy of his plan, and Joe pleads with Barry to allow the Forces to exist.

Following a hunch, Iris and her friends investigate Allen’s old house for Nora, reasoning that, as the site of Nora Allen’s actual murder, the Speed ​​Force would naturally be drawn there. Instead, the group is shocked to discover Psych hiding inside, still in control of the Sage Force and subjecting Kamilla and Allegra to their greatest fears. Psych plunges Iris into her own nightmare hallucination, with Iris seeing a vision of Nora taunting her for not being able to pull Barry out of her shadow.

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Cisco relents and agrees to help Barry and Harrison, with the two Wells making eye contact as they return to the time of the incident that created the Forces weeks ago. Despite stepping into the energy wave that the Forces created with the tachyon enhancer repaired, Barry is shocked to find that the Forces are still forming. As the Forces and their current hosts fade away, Barry smashes the power-up to ensure the Forces persist, realizing that Iris was right all along and returning to the present with Harrison to admit his mistake. Next, Barry and Iris apologize to each other, and Iris realizes that there is no point talking to Nora after her terrifying encounter with Psych.

This tender moment is interrupted by Alexa coming back to life due to Nora and Iris returning in emotional synchronization, as the Forces are natural extensions of their love, giving Team Flash a much-needed electrical miracle. And as Cisco and Kamilla watch Harrison return to their temporary home, the pair realize that they must both leave Central City together as Deon confronts Nora as she threatensly advances towards him, intending to destroy the Unmoving Force forever. .

The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdés, and Tom Cavanagh. New episodes air Tuesdays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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