X-Factor’s latest mission just dealt with a major threat to Krakoa, potentially turning a major foe into a surprising ally.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Factor # 9 by Leah Williams, David Baldeon, Israel Silva and Joe Caramagna of VC, out now.

The current era of Krakoa has given many of the X-Men and their mutant allies the opportunity to celebrate more peace and security than they perhaps have ever had before. Even mutants trapped in other parts of the world have been found and rescued by the Marauders, who have gone out of their way to rescue people no matter where they are trapped. But things have been different for all the mutants who have been trapped in the Mojoverse.

And then X Factor # 9, things are about to change for the mutants of the Mojoverse.

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Under Mojo’s rule, they have been forced to serve at the behest of the producer of interdimensional entertainment as a means of entertaining people of their dimension. Shatterstar, Adam-X, and Spiral have been trapped in this realm and forced to star in some of the most popular shows in the dimension. X-Factor has even been banned from entering the dimension under threat of immediate execution. The team has been trying to find a way to rescue their captured mutant companions, but the timing of that mission takes a much faster pace after it is discovered that Shatterstar is destined to be the one to stop Morrigan, an ancient goddess of death. who has been targeting mutants thanks to his control over Shatterstar’s former X-Force teammate Siryn.

This results in Northstar deciding to turn to the New Mutants, and Krakoa’s other arm quickly agrees to help. While a mutant band forms to serve as the ultimate distraction and statement of intent (with Lila Cheney on guitar, DJ on drums, and Dazzler on vocals), Runaway Mojoverse Wind-Dancer he uses his restored powers to create a tornado, trapping the citizens of the Mojoverse in action. Magik and Wolfsbane lead an offensive directly against Mojo, destroying his clone pools while Karma and Mirage directly confront him and attack him psychically. The attack is a swift and very impressive assault, with the band playing a massive song as the New Mutants successfully take down the cloning lab with their current students.

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Finally, Magik can confront the longtime villain with a surprising offer: in exchange for no more slavery, no more mutant hostages, and no more unauthorized DNA theft or mutant stories, the mutants will allow Mojo to continue to exist and essentially become a Krakoa’s “partner”, potentially giving the mutants access to his vast array of technological advancements while ceasing any conflict with the dimension. With no other option, Mojo signs the contract Magik presented him with. This frees the captured mutants (including Shatterstar, who quickly frees Siryn by killing Morrigan in a duel), and results in Wind-Dancer being placed in a position of power as essentially the mutant ambassador of the Mojoverse, becoming a great threat to Krakoa. into a potentially powerful partner.

While Mojo can never be fully trusted to help Krakoa, the mutant race, or really anyone besides himself, there is a real chance that Krakoa could use his advancements and inventions to his advantage. As well as turning the media dimension towards improving the public image of mutants on Earth, which Wind-Dancer is already helping X-Corp with, it could allow them to give X-Force a new security update that could help isolate and identify threats to the safety of mutants around the world.

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