For those looking to add some scares to their rounds of Among Us, these horror-themed mods can turn the social deduction game into a fun nightmare.

Weather Among us still a popular social deduction game, the new mods can make the rounds even more intense and terrifying, effectively turning it into a survival horror game. For fans of horror video games, as well as popular shows like Strange things and movies like That, these horror-themed mods can do Among us Even better.

As with many popular mods in Among us that have been aired lately, some of them are not yet available to the public. They are mostly created by streamers and their friends. However, players can still get lucky in a game where the mod is being used. And given how popular mods have become in Among us In the last year, public versions of these mods will certainly start to appear over time.

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For fans of the Stephen King novel That and horror movies starring the iconic clown of the same name, the Pennywise mod in Among us Is almost perfect. This mod turns imposters into killer clowns who can use Illusion to create ghostly versions of themselves. Creepy red balloons can also be placed around the map, scaring players and keeping them on their toes. Of course, Pennywise can also grow in size and eat up crewmates viciously, providing jumpscares and some really intense gameplay.

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Fun mods among us that can make the game scarier

Pennywise drags a crewmate into the Among Us vent

It’s not just Pennywise the clown that can do Among us even scarier. The Strange things mod, based on the popular Netflix series, turns imposters into Demodogs, Demogorgans, and Mind Flayers. With the lights off and each monster with a unique set of abilities, this mod is ideal for horror fans and gamers who want the game to continue to feel fresh.

The Five nights at Freddy’s mod on Among us it’s just a little different in the fact that it’s based on a video game franchise, and not a TV series or movie. This mod allows the Impostors to become the iconic animatronics of the series, stalking crewmates in the dark and providing leaps before kills. Again, as with other horror-themed mods, the map is mostly dark, which creates even more excitement and tension.

While Among us still a popular game to play and stream, more mods will likely keep being added. For now though, these are some of the best horror-themed mods to find in the game. Add extra scares to Among us and it can also make the game feel new and exciting.

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