Boyd Holbrook and Shaunette Renée Wilson join the cast of Indiana Jones 5, which already includes Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkelsen and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Indiana Jones 5 is completing its cast with Logan Y The resident starring Boyd Holbrook and Shaunette Renée Wilson. Ford first starred as the whip-wielding archaeologist in 1981 Raiders of the lost ark, but more recently she reprized the role of the disappointing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008. While many were delighted to see Ford return to his iconic role after an absence of nearly 20 years, the latest installment starring Shia LaBeouf failed to bring back the spirit of the beloved original trilogy.

Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, a fifth Indiana Jones The film was announced four years later, but the project was stuck in development hell for years. Several writers worked to draft a script, and Steven Spielberg handed over directing reins to Ford v Ferrari director James Mangold. However, the cast has been shaping up very well as Indiana Jones 5 is gearing up to begin production this summer ahead of its 2022 release. MCU alumnus Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Kretschmann are on board to co-star alongside Ford, alongside the resourceful Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag fame. Currently, all roles are not revealed.

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Now, two more actors are joining the project. According to Term, Indiana Jones 5 completes its cast with Boyd Holbrook and Shaunette Renée Wilson. Holbrook, who broke out on Netflix Narcos, has starred in a number of tent poles recently, including The predator in 2018 and Mangold himself Logan. On the other hand, Wilson is best known for her roles on the small screen on Showtime. Thousands of millions and Fox’s medical drama The resident, although it had a small role in Black Panther.

While the third Indiana Jones film in 1989 was titled The last crusade, Indiana Jones 5 It will likely be Ford’s last crusade as Indy, as he will be in his 80s when the film is released. After wanting to leave Star WarsIt seems that Ford is becoming less and less interested in being tied down by franchise roles in his old age. Considering that John Williams, whose iconic score is associated with Indiana Jones much like Ford, he will be 90 when his job at Indiana Jones 5 is complete, this is most likely the last time the legendary Star Wars Composer lends his skills to another Lucasfilm franchise.

As with every other casting announced thus far, there are no details on who Holbrook and Wilson will be playing. However, fans of the long-running franchise are likely happy to hear that the project is progressing smoothly. If only, Indiana Jones 5 will provide a fitting send-off for one of the screen’s most iconic heroes.

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Source: Deadline

  • Indiana Jones 5 (2022)Release date: July 29, 2022

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