PlayStation’s Play at Home initiative will release in-game DLC and currency for games like Call of Duty: Warzone and more in the next two weeks.

Sony announced that it is expanding its Play station The Play At Home program will include in-game DLC packs and currency for a handful of games starting in May. This batch of content marks the final downfall of Play at Home, which has given away more than 10 popular games at no cost since the start of the Play At Home initiative in April 2020. In addition to free content and currency on the way, PlayStation fans They have one last chance today to catch the latest free game from Play at Home.

The PlayStation Play At Home initiative began in 2020 just after the COVID-19 crashes began to take effect globally. In an effort to encourage social distancing by staying at home, Sony launched Play At Home, which first gave away Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Y Travel free for one month. These titles were available to any PlayStation owner and remained in their libraries permanently, without the need for a subscription of any kind. Later, Sony expanded the program to include another nine games for PS4 and PS5 in 2021, including Ratchet and Clank Y Subnautica. The show is set to end soon, but not without one last hurray.

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In a new PlayStation Blog Following publication, Sony revealed their final batch of Play at Home content consisting of DLC packs and in-game currency. Nine PlayStation titles, including Call of Duty: War Zone, MLB The Show 21, Y Rocket league, stand out to give away currency, boosters, and items. Brawlhalla Players can redeem a bundle that grants skins and a new emote, while Destruction AllStars players can download destruction points.

From May 17 to June 6, in-game content for the following titles will be free: Rocket league, Brawlhalla, Destruction AllStars, MLB The Show 21, NBA 2K21, Rebel company, Tank world, World of warships, Y Warframe. Further, Call of Duty: War Zone Players can redeem an offer for 5 Double XP tokens between May 20 and June 6. Lastly, Sony reminds gamers that May 14 is the last day to get Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition free.

Sony is providing some pretty generous deals in this potentially final round of Play At Home content, and there seems to be something for everyone. Call of Duty: War Zone Players, in particular, may especially appreciate the Double XP giveaway now that Season 3 is in full swing. Also, the fact that this drop is focused only on content and in-game currency adds a bit of variety to the show for PlayStation owners who may not have been interested in the free (or free) games above.

The Play station The Play at Home initiative has generally been a great way to entice players to feel comfortable at home with a new download rather than going out when it was most insecure. After seeing PlayStation giving away 10 free games this year alone, it’s a shame to know that the show is ending. However, the ending of Play at Home gives the feeling that the world is finally returning to a bit of normalcy.

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