Like any Resident Evil game, Village has some pretty heartbreaking events in both its cut scenes and gameplay, but Ethan’s fate is a bit complex.

The star of both Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil Village is Ethan Winters, a new protagonist of the horror series. The events of both games got him into a bind – he seems to have a particular problem with homicidal families. The end of Town builds towards a major reveal of Ethan’s fate, and many fans may wonder if Ethan really dies or not.

[Warning: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village’s ending below.]

The premise of Resident Evil Village finds Ethan and his wife Mia starting a new life in Europe with their baby, Rosemary. Tragedy strikes when Chris Redfield, normally a hero of the series, suddenly arrives to kill Mia and kidnap Ethan and Rosemary. This puts Ethan in the game’s eponymous village, where he tries to unravel the situation and help Rosemary. Players eventually discover that Mother Miranda was posing as Mia, and that Rosemary was needed as part of a plan to reincarnate Miranda’s daughter, Eveline, using something called Megamycete.

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In a sense, Ethan dies three times in Resident Evil Village. First, Mother Miranda appears to kill him, causing a shift to Chris’s perspective as he tries to avenge Ethan. The BSAA arrives for a climactic confrontation with Miranda’s legions, and Chris manages to rescue the real Mia from a laboratory. It is a vision after this encounter that reveals Ethan’s “second” death; actually, he was killed by Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7, and it only exists now as a form of Shaping. This is why he can absorb so much punishment and re-clamp the limbs.

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Ethan Winters’ fate in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Ethan Winters In-Game Informer Coverage

In fact, Miranda was unsuccessful in killing Ethan, so the Duke can take Ethan to a ceremony location for a final confrontation. Ethan manages to kill Mother Miranda, but when he, Chris, and Rosemary try to evacuate, Ethan’s body begins to crumble, so he is left behind with a detonator, activating a bomb Chris previously planted on the Megamycete. TownThe post-credits scene shows a teenage Rosemary visiting Ethan’s grave.

That would seem to spell the end for Ethan and the beginning of a new story with Rosemary, given his ties to the BSAA. Indeed Resident Evil Village seems to have finally completed Ethan’s story. Stranger things have happened in the series, but it seems doubtful that the character will be resurrected a third time.

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