Fans of the Saw franchise will enjoy these other bloodied and devious movies.

With the latest installment of saw franchise coming out this week, Spiral is grooming fans for creepier and more torture-filled content. The film stars Chris Rock, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, and Samuel L. Jackson. No upcoming announcements for another saw movie so far, so after fans see Spiral, they will be left craving for more horror content.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gory and devious horror movies to fill the void. Here are six of the best movies that are similar to the one saw movies in terms of content, impact factor and blood.

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Old Man (2003)

Directed and written by Park Chan-wook, Older boy is a Korean neo-noir action horror film. It follows a man named Oh Dae-su who is kidnapped and placed in a hotel room for 15 years, without knowing the names or identities of his captors. After his release, Dae-su is still caught in a tangle of conspiracies and violence. For fans of the saw franchise, this movie satisfies the torture aspect. Weather Older boy focuses more on psychological torture, the level to which the film takes it is intense and will scare even the most inveterate horror fanatic. It becomes a revenge story that cannot rival other genre films, including the 2013 American remake. It is a fantastic take on psychological horror that will leave viewers mesmerized.

The Dead of Evil (1981)

An iconic piece of horror history, Sam Raimi The bad death it has a huge legacy. But for fans of saw, the original movie is a great thing to watch when you feel the need for some blood. While it’s certainly cheesy, the absurd gore more than makes up for it. Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, tries to protect his friends while staying in a secluded, rural cabin. The bad death Masterfully blends comedy with horror, with the film launching two sequels, a television show, and a new installment that will begin production in 2021. This film finds the perfect combination of excitement and laughter, keeping viewers on the brink of its seat, unsure of what is happening. what happens next.

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A Serbian Movie (2010)

One of the most controversial movies of all time, A Serbian movie contains excessively graphic violence and sexual content. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s a perfect movie for adventurous fans of Saw. This is a very intense movie and very disturbing in all respects. Follow a former porn star as she struggles to secure an income for her family, eventually taking part in one more porn movie to help out. What follows during the filming of this movie takes the concept of sexual violence to the highest level and is both psychologically and physically damaging to the main character. A Serbian movie it definitely has some blood in it, but more importantly, it’s a torturous movie from start to finish. Even the conclusion does not provide any relief from the devastation of the graphic plot. While it may be even more disturbing than the saw movies, it is certainly a film that treads a similar content, disturbing and unthinkable.

Shelter (2005)

By Eli Roth Hostel is another infamously bloody movie that features some shocking scenes of physical torture. Unlike saw movies, there is no bigger picture of why the characters are being tortured, which makes it even scarier. The film follows a group of university students traveling through Europe when they are drawn to stay in a specific hostel in Slovakia. But the desperate and beautiful women who keep them company are not what they seem. College students are lured into a trap that slowly ensnares one student after another. Hostel he makes sure to show every moment of their torture, directly describing the physical violence inflicted on them. It’s an extremely graphic movie that’s certainly not for everyone, but if fans can handle it. sawthey will probably enjoy Hostel.

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I spit on your grave (1978)

One of the classic revenge movies of the 70s, I spit on your grave It is so graphic that it has been banned in more than four different countries for its disturbing content. After Jennifer Hills is raped in her rented cabin by a group of men, she seeks revenge. The entire movie focuses on Jennifer’s revenge as, one by one, she kills the men who raped her. The scenes of physical violence are graphic and explicit, which is why the film was banned internationally. The time the movie spends on these violent scenes is longer than most traditional horror movies, which really brings out the pain and sadness of the protagonist. While it received a largely negative reception, it is a good movie for horror veterans.

Battle Royal (2000)

Based on the book of the same name, Real battle it’s a fantastic horror movie that even inspired Quentin Tarantino. In the near future, the Japanese government has implemented a program to curb juvenile delinquency. As such, a high school class is sent to an island and the students are forced to kill each other until only one survivor remains. Not only is Real battle an extremely violent film, but it is the children who exert violence against each other. This gives the plot a dark tone that other similar movies cannot replicate. Watching children struggle with the ethics of homework and the instinctive need for survival is sometimes hard to see. It’s a twisted premise perfectly executed by director Kinji Fukasaku. For fans of the saw franchise, Real battle Will definitely fill the void later Spiral, giving viewers a violent and complicated movie that leaves no one unscathed.

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