The original Pokémon Snap had a strange connection to the near-defunct Blockbuster rental chain, a feeling that New Pokémon Snap cannot bring back.

After more than two decades, New Pokémon Snap has finally provided a 1999 sequel Pokemon photography game. In what is essentially a first person shooter game, New Pokémon Snap brings back the gameplay of the original, where players ride in a vehicle through a predetermined route and snap photos of Pokémon as they go. Points are scored for each photo based on subject, pose, image composition, and more. Even if New Pokémon Snap is a worthy successor to the original N64 title, the only thing missing is a feature that the original had with the defunct video rental chain and cultural touchstone Blockbuster.

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Yes the last Pokemon Missing from the launch is a movie and video game rental store that was almost completely disbanded in 2014. Blockbuster stores used to be seemingly everywhere, and they rose to prominence throughout the ’90s before streaming got huge. Now, there is only one Blockbuster left of thousands of stores that have since closed. Maybe that final Blockbuster can give New Pokémon Snap what you really need: a new Pokémon Snap kiosk.

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Back when the original Pokémon Snap came out, Nintendo partnered with Blockbuster in the US to bring N64-compatible photo printers to rental stores. Pokemon Break Players could bring their cartridge, plug it into the kiosk, and print the photos they had taken in-game. Not only was it a great way to show off Pokémon’s photographic abilities, it also made the game feel more real, being able to get a real physical photo that was taken. Pokémon Snap. Some Blockbusters even allow players to test the game, with an N64 playing Pokémon Snap built in kiosk.

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Blockbuster was a perfect place for Pokémon Snap kiosks

Headline Pokémon Snap N64

The original Pokémon Snap it was the epitome of a good game to rent at Blockbuster. Both games have some longevity thanks to the pursuit of high scores, but New Pokémon Snap it is considerably longer than its predecessor. The 1999 Pokémon Snap I only had six full courses (and a final one just for Mew) that could be completed in a matter of hours. Getting the game for just a night or two wasn’t a problem as it was so short. Possibly, if the Blockbuster it was rented from had a Pokémon Snap kiosk, someone could rent the game, play it, and then print your photos when you go to return it.

Sharing online (and the death of Blockbuster) has made the Pokémon Snap outdated kiosks, but it still feels like New Pokémon Snap it lacks that physical element. The new game also has a much higher resolution and therefore better photos. It is a pity that there is no place for players to comfortably print their New Pokémon Snap Photos.

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