A new DC Comics hero is not a huge fan of Shazam, as he reveals that he wants to hit the magic hero and his “magical YouTube star smile”.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1 below!

The newest hero in the DC Universe is not a fan of superheroes at all and has a particular dislike for Shazam. In the Monkey prince In the debut story, he finds himself fighting a deer spirit that takes over a longtime Shazam villain to eat his heart, however when the magical hero arrives on the scene, the Monkey Prince is unimpressed.

DC’s newest hero, the Monkey Prince, made his first appearance on the DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1. The character, created by Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang, is based on the 16th century Chinese mythological character, the Monkey King from the classic tale. Journey to the West. In “The Monkey Prince Hates Superheroes” by Yang, Chang, Sebastian Cheng, Janice Chiang and Jessica Chen, the Monkey Prince is hot on the heels of a demon who has taken over Dr. Sivana’s body, bringing him face to face . -Face the real Shazam.

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The first Monkey Prince story begins with Shazam on the operating table, when a mind-controlled Dr. Sivana, who stole a pumpkin from the Yuan Dynasty and released a demon that has taken over his body, reveals that he wants to eat his heart in order to become immortal. But, when Sivana begins her experiments, Shazam becomes the Monkey Prince, as the shapeshifter goes undercover to track down the deer spirit. After receiving the Immortal Eye Powder from Master Piggy, a mentor who was a friend of the Monkey King, the Monkey Prince can see the demon. The real Shazam seems to see what’s causing the commotion with Dr. Sivana, and Monkey Prince immediately thinks “look at his stupid YouTube star smile” and that he “wants to punch his face.”

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Monkey Prince Shazam

After the Monkey Prince takes down the demon (who tries to devour Shazam) with his Jingu Bang, the two heroes face off. Shazam wonders if he and Master are partners with Dr. Sivana. Meanwhile, the Monkey Prince tells him that he was trying to save Shazam and that it was “degrading” to shapeshift the hero. The Monkey Prince angrily tells Shazam that he is tired of superheroes thinking they are better than everyone else while questioning what makes them the “sole arbiters of good and evil.” When the Monkey Prince begins to lose control, Master tightens the band around his head to calm him down and discipline the enraged hero.

The story ends in a hilarious way, as it turns out that the Monkey Prince, whose real name is Marcus, goes to Fawcett High School and is good friends with Billy Batson, who is actually Shazam. Neither hero knows the other’s secret identity. However, Marcus is sure to let Billy know that “superheroes suck” when he showed him Shazam taking down Dr. Sivana on his phone. Marcus, aka the Monkey Prince, could be Shazam’s greatest enemy, which is deeply ironic given his friendship with Billy.

The Monkey prince The adventures will continue later this year, but his debut shows real promise for the character. Hopefully his relationship with Billy will be further explored as it will be quite fun when he finds out that one of his best friends is actually Shazam, a hero he despises. DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1 it’s in stores now.

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