Zack Snyder’s full cut from League of Justice – commonly known as “The Snyder Cut” – is in a strange place in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Although it is a more complete and appreciated version of the theatrical cut, it is not currently considered canon.

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As far as the DCEU goes, The Snyder Cut is simply a “What if?” setting and an alternate timeline in the franchise’s sprawling multiverse. However, canonizing The Snyder Cut would save the DCEU from potential plot holes, inconsistencies, and other headaches.

10 The BvS Knightmare will be worth it

One of the strangest parts of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice It was Knightmare, Batman’s infernal vision where an evil Superman rules the wastelands. At that time, Knightmare was a useless distraction that was not even recognized in League of Justice. Not helping was a post-apocalyptic Flash that warned Bruce Wayne that “Lois is the key”, which was not even solved.

Thanks to The Snyder Cut and especially the epilogue, Knightmare now makes sense. Not only was it confirmed that it was a dark timeline in danger of becoming reality, but it was directly connected to BvS ‘ dream scenes. Canonizing The Snyder Cut may make up for what the Knightmare foreshadowed, especially how Lois Lane fits into everything.

9 The sacrifice of the Amazons will be duly honored

Amazons stop the steppe wolf

League of Justice was released shortly after Wonder Woman, so it was jarring to see the badass Amazons easily demolished by Steppenwolf’s forces in the opening act. In the theatrical cut, Steppenwolf appears in Themyscira, addresses Mother Box as if she is his literal mother, and effortlessly pierces Queen Hippolyta and her warriors.

In The Snyder Cut, the Amazons put up a valiant but futile last stand against a beastly steppe wolf. This introductory action scene immediately established a sense of urgency and despair on the Earth’s side, as even the might of the Amazon was nothing to the legions of Apokalips. If the theatrical cut turned the Amazons into cannon fodder, The Snyder Cut gave them nobility even in defeat.

8 Superman’s death will have serious ramifications

Superman's death in the DCEU

Originally the only reason given why Superman shouldn’t be killed is that he’s wrong and Batman was being a bit rude. On League of Justice, Steppenwolf nonchalantly mentions that Earth was ready for harvest, as it had no Kryptonians to defend it. This, despite the fact that it could have invaded it a century earlier. Basically, Steppenwolf was a bum.

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In The Snyder Cut, Superman’s death initiates the DCEU’s near Armageddon. His death screams reactivate the dormant Mother Boxes, signaling Darkseid to send Steppenwolf to retrieve his superemas and colonize Earth. By canonizing The Snyder Cut, Superman’s death, which was once weightless and easily undone, may have meaning like the omen of Apokalips.

7 The DCEU receives a global threat in Darkseid

Darkseid sits on his throne

A central problem with the DCEU is its lack of a bigger picture. On League of Justice, Steppenwolf’s doomsday threat was quickly put down and Superman was back in action, making the starting team feel redundant in the face of comparatively smaller threats like Doomsday. As it stands, the DCEU feels perpetually stuck where it started with no big goal in sight.

In contrast, The Snyder Cut states that Darkseid must be stopped at all costs. If the Mother Boxes burn the Earth, he, obtaining the Anti-Life Equation, will end free will in the entire multiverse. Avoiding Darkseid’s conquest should take more than one movie, and the ending of The Snyder Cut in this cliffhanger sets up the hypothetical long game and epic ending of the DCEU.

6 The League’s individual backstories omit the need for origin films

The origins of Flash and Cyborg

One of the biggest criticisms against League of Justice It was the amount of material he cut out, the most heinous of the Flash and Cyborg backstories, and everything about Martian Manhunter. If Barry’s origins were cut in half, Victor Stone’s transformation into Cyborg was insultingly annihilated and replaced by some throwaway show lines.

Keeping The Snyder Cut canon can save your solo movies and future appearances time, as your backstories won’t need to take up the entire runtime of the movie. This is something that Aquaman already benefited from, as his eponymous film was based on his intro in League of Justice instead of being a traditional superhero origin movie.

5 Speed ​​force is set from the start

The Flash supercharges Cyborg

Without The Snyder Cut, scenes that break Flash’s speed can feel strangely overpowered. The DCEU had yet to explain how he could travel back in time on the Knightmare, and his Mother Box ÜberCharge to resurrect Superman felt unnecessarily overdramatical, as he could run again if he failed in time.

Meanwhile, The Snyder Cut showed why exactly Barry was reluctant to go faster than light. At the time, Barry was hesitant to break his speed records because doing so could break reality or lose himself in the Speed ​​Force. The Snyder Cut effectively showcased the high stakes and stakes of the Speed ​​Force, cutting off work for any future Flash DCEU entries to come.

4 Cyborg becomes the heart of the DCEU

Victor Stone becomes Cyborg

In short, Cyborg was hardly a character from League of Justice. When he wasn’t depressed from life-saving cyber surges, he was subjected to funny little jokes about logically emotionless robots. This was the end result of the theatrical cut that removed most of the Cyborg character-driven scenes and rewrites / recordings that were aimed at giving the film a lighthearted tone.

Cyborg in The Snyder Cut is anything but a joke and is instead the emotional core of the League and the story. Despite immeasurable suffering and being turned into more of a machine than a man against his will, Victor risks everything to fulfill his new purpose and reconcile with his estranged father. The DCEU should take back Cyborg’s dramatic arc and do it justice.

3 Wonder Woman gets her due respect in modern times

Wonder Woman leads the charge

Outside of her first solo movie, Wonder Woman has had a hard time. League of Justice it was possibly her lowest point, where she was basically the designated mother of the League and the target of a controversial obscene joke. Worse still, it is revealed that he basically hid from the world after Steve Trevor’s death, refusing to help humanity after losing his lover.

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His representation in The Snyder Cut is very different and more respectful. Here, she is the founder of the Leagues, possibly one of their leaders, and lacks her selfish motive to go into exile in the theatrical court. Unlike her theatrical version, where she only offered exposure and unnecessary emotional disputes, this Wonder Woman should be canonized.

two Batman gets a better redemption bow

Batman faces Superman

Batman’s initial hatred and brutality in BvS It only made sense when the DCEU was taken as a whole, as the franchise could be read as its redemption arc. After Jason Todd’s death, Batman was lost in nihilism and violence. This led him to immediately distrust Superman and try to kill him, which in turn nearly ended the world.

The Snyder Cut shows that Batman regrets this, as he inadvertently orchestrated the death of Superman and the invasion of Steppenwolf. Everything that comes after (forming the League, resurrecting Superman, fighting in Chernobyl, etc.) is Batman’s way of making amends, paying off the debt only at the end of the movie. On League of Justice, Batman is forgiven through jokes and witty phrases.

1 Superman’s purpose in the DCEU will finally make sense

Superman lines up with the league

The DCEU has been endlessly criticized and ridiculed for seeming to have no idea how to bring Superman to the big screen. From Iron Man to BvS, He was an alien feared like a god, but after that, he’s a cloying beacon of hope. The Snyder Cut corrects this by exposing its impact and influence, revealing that its purpose all this time was to inspire hope.

Before Superman emerges, Earth is as complex and jaded as it is in reality. Superman’s decision to protect humanity as a destructive savior initially casts doubt, but then gives way to inspiration. Batman and everyone else only realized this when he died fighting Doomsday, and they joined his example to form the Justice League. This is also present in League of Justice, but it is rushed and forced, feeling artificial rather than fought and deserved.

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