Another Easter egg from Google is here and this time it is inspired by the DVD screensaver. Here’s how to find the latest hidden gift in the Quest.

Google has a new DVD screensaver Easter egg available to access in Quest. Google is no stranger to Easter eggs in general, and while some were released years ago and have since disappeared, others have remained available online and are still available today. With the latest DVD theme, Google is bringing a bit of cinematic nostalgia to those who might have since moved on to streaming.

As with most things, the Internet has changed the way people consume movies and TV shows. However, there was a time when everything was DVD, and the format did for video what CDs do for music. Often packed with extras, DVDs offered better value, although consumers had to contend with regional differences. Even today DVD movies have a different runtime in the UK compared to the US.

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To enable the Easter egg, the user simply needs to go to Google com and write “DVD screen protector. “At that point, the Google logo will drift away from its generally upper-left position on the search page and travel across the screen at an angle, before bouncing off the other side and continuing its journey indefinitely. Each time you tap one side of the screen, the logo changes color, just like the original DVD screen saver. For reference, the Easter Egg is only available on desktop computers, so it won’t work on mobile devices.

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For many, a throwback to those DVD days

Despite the increase in streaming, DVDs and players are still available to buy. However, since many have made the switch from disc to the Internet, the DVD screensaver will be more of a memory. For those who do not remember, or have not yet come across the operation of a DVD player, much like today’s screensavers, once the DVD player enters a hibernation or sleep state, the protector screen turns on and the DVD logo bounces off the screen. This action is exactly what the Google logo is mimicking in the latest Easter egg. While the Google version won’t result in the same benefits the original DVD screensaver tried to deliver, it’s another Easter egg worth checking out.

As mentioned, Easter eggs are a popular hobby on Google, and there have been quite a few related to movies. In the past, Google has adopted Avengers with the ability to snap Thanos in search results and the option to turn the page into a sepia-toned version with a The Wizard of Oz Easter Egg. For now though, users will have to settle for a DVD screensaver or take part in a quick round of Atari Breakout.

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