In the vast world of anime, many characters have found true love, in the realm of shojo anime and beyond. Everyone loves a good love story, and even action-oriented shonen and seinen series know how to delve into their characters with a racy love story. Just look at Guts and Casca from Maddened, just to name one example. But will the lovers survive?

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That could depend on the gender. Many classic shojo series are reluctant to kill their characters, and the tension and drama stem from the evolution of the core relationship. Still, there are some series in which one of the lovers dies, and the survivor must find a way to overcome his grief and fondly say goodbye to his deceased lover. Which anime couples are most compelling and tragic after someone passed away?

10 Jonathan Joestar and Erina Pendleton, happily married until Jonathan made his sacrifice (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan marries Erina

Many works of fiction depict courageous and noble characters who sacrifice everything, including their own lives, for the sake of their family, their friends, or even innocent bystanders. A classic example is Jonathan Joestar when he faced his arch nemesis Dio Brando for the last time.

Jonathan thought he had won, but then Dio’s severed head attacked, and Jonathan gave his life to make sure he and Dio’s head succumbed to that burning and sinking ship. He was survived by his wife Erina, who gave birth to their son George Joestar II. He also raised Lisa Lisa, a future main character.

9 Joichiro and Tamako Yukihira, who shared a passion for food (Food Wars !: Shokugeki No Soma)

yukihira family food wars

Before the main events of this culinary anime, protagonist Soma Yukihira was part of an entire family of chefs, and learned a lot from his parents and their passion for restaurant work. Joichiro Saiba (later Yukihira) was a tremendously talented chef, and he once assisted Totsuki.

His wife Tamako wasn’t that good at cooking, but she loved food anyway, and this inspired her son Soma to cook out of love, not pride. Tragically, Tamako collapsed one day and died of a heart defect. Joichiro was heartbroken, but he never gave up on the food. Tamako would like me to keep up the good work.

8 Byakuya and Hisana Kuchiki, who had a forbidden love (Bleach)

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of Squad 6 is not just a Soul Reaper; He is also the head of the noble Kuchiki family, and the elders expected him to marry an upper-class woman. But it did not. Instead, Byakuya met an impoverished young woman named Hisana and, despite noble family law, married her.

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Their love was genuine, but certainly Byakuya was widely criticized for this move. Then, five years after they were married, Hisana died of illness, and her dying wish was for her husband to find her little sister, Rukia, and save her. Byakuya did just that.

7 Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi, two Jonin in love (Naruto)

This particular romance was largely on the back burner, but it was definitely there, and Kakashi Hatake gently taunted them once or twice. Asuma Sarutobi, who had the Third Hokage as a father, fell in love with Kurenai Yuhi and they eventually conceived a son together.

However, both jonin knew the risks of their craft and were indeed tragically shattered when Asuma lost his life fighting the evil Akatsuki organization. However, Kurenai survived and gave birth to a healthy baby. She and Shikamaru Nara will always remember Asuma and his heroic deeds, and he has a firm place in their hearts.

6 Meliodas & Elizabeth Liones, Immortal Lovers (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth and Meliodas face to face - Seven Deadly Sins

In the early episodes of this action-fantasy series, Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones seemed to be a charming but otherwise ordinary couple. But there is much more than that. Centuries ago, Meliodas turned against the demon king, and Elizabeth was fighting as an archangel. Both sides of the holy war disapproved of their union.

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So Elizabeth was shot down and killed, then cursed to be reborn as a mortal human, then to die and be reborn again and again. Meliodas’ heart could hardly bear to see his lover return and die so many times, and now, he will do anything to break this curse, even at everyone else’s expense.

5 Yu Hirose and Patricia Walker, who had a secret affair (Maid-Sama!)

Takumi parents maid-sama

The full manga version of Maid-Sama! goes into much more detail about this couple than the anime, but anime fans can switch to the manga to get the full story and see how Takumi Usui’s parents met. Patricia Walker’s husband was Edward and they had a son named Gerald. But that is not all.

Patricia met a Japanese named Yu Hirose and had a passionate affair with him, and her loving son was Takumi Walker. Patricia later died of illness, and Takumi was raised by the Usui family in Japan, thus becoming Takumi Usui. He later explained all this to his girlfriend, Misaki Ayuzawa, who could hardly believe her ears.

4 Van Hohenheim & Trisha Elric, A Mortal & A “Monster” (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Van Hohenheim is no ordinary man. He was once slave No. 23 in the city-state of Xerxes until the dwarf in the jar turned him into an immortal humanoid philosopher’s stone. He saw himself as a tragic monster, but a certain Trish didn’t feel that way. In fact, she loved him.

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Hohenheim would outlive any human he met, but despite that, he married Trish and they had two children, Edward and Alphonse Elric. Hohenheim traveled often and was absent when his wife contracted a local illness and passed away. Thus, Ed and Al resented Hohenheim for not being there when their mother died, and yes, Hohenheim feels bad about it too.

3 Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki, who met during mortal combat (Bleach)

bleach isshin masaki

These two characters never appeared together in the anime, and they only briefly shared a few scenes during the manga’s Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Still, its history is fascinating. An artificial Hollow named White was enraged, and Captain Isshin Shiba of Squad 10 went after him. He didn’t realize that a certain Quincy girl was also in the area.

Isshin and Masaki fought White together, and then Isshin gave up his Soul Reaper powers to save Masaki’s life under dire circumstances. They had a son and two daughters together, but one tragic day, a defenseless Masaki was killed by the monstrous Grand Fisher. Years later, Isshin avenged her.

two Kyoko and Katsuya Honda, who loved their daughter Tohru more than anything else (Fruit basket)

tohru's parents fruit basket kyoko katsuya honda

This is another anime couple that appears mainly in flashbacks, rather than during the main events of the story. Years ago, Tohru Honda’s mother, Kyoko, was a wild child, a bitter criminal who saw no future for her. Later, she met a charming and kind man named Katsuya Honda, and they eventually fell in love.

The Hondas lived a quiet but comfortable life, and were very proud of their little daughter, Tohru. Unfortunately, Katsuya died of illness, and this was a massive blow to Kyoko. Still, Kyoko persevered until years later, when a car accident ended her life. Now Tohru is an orphan, but she moves on, determined to live up to the legacy of both parents.

1 Soichiro and Sachiko Yagami, who faced Kira together (Death Note)

sachiko soichiro yagami death note

Soichiro Yagami led the police in the investigation against Kira, and his entire family, primarily his wife Sachiko and daughter Sayu, were deeply concerned that he might die in the line of duty. Still, Sachiko doesn’t give up. Not once did it occur to her to divorce or even live apart from her husband. She wouldn’t dare give him up.

Instead, Sachiko reaffirmed her faith and trust in her husband after Mello threatened the family, and Soichiro was deeply moved by his wife’s courage and dedication. It was an inspiring moment, but anyway, Soichiro really lost his life.

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