WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Castlevania Season 4, available now on Netflix.

Castlevania cannot be faulted for its lack of violence. The streets of Wallachia turn red as the entertainers revel in showing off one dazzling action sequence after another. The Netflix original series features dizzying scenes through clock towers, blood-soaked throne rooms, and grand gothic sights straight out of a 1930s Hammer movie. The season 4 animation was a feast for the eyes, Filmed with kinetic energy and style that really brought out the amazing powers of these great characters.

Since this is the last season of CastlevaniaUnsurprisingly, he had a lot of gruesome and gruesome deaths. To list each death, this list would be counted in the hundreds, so you will be left with only the characters named here. Honorable mention to Dragan, who was assassinated and has a name but little else. Sorry, Dragan.

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Season 4 of Castlevania He went out of his way to humanize each character’s struggles beyond the black and white title of hero and villain. Carmilla of Styria is portrayed as a bloodthirsty tyrant whose mission is human slavery. And in a way, the show makes her understanding by explaining her motivations. Neglected and abused by men all her life, Carmilla and her sisters struggled to seize power and handle things better than Dracula. But the true nature of a vampire is always to want more. Carmilla’s lust for power drove her crazy and alienated her sisters.

No longer content with creating a pen of humans as a stable food supply, Carmilla wanted nothing less than the world. With the help of his fellow Forgemaster, Hector, Isaac arrived at Carmilla Castle with his band of Night Creatures in tow. Carmilla swiftly takes out crowds of bullies in a bloody ballet. Isaac manages to stab her with an enchanted dagger, greatly weakening her. Out of sheer spite, she impales herself with a wooden stake, drops a bloody tear, and then explodes along with her castle.

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Ratko is a vampire brute force soldier who works alongside Varney to resurrect Dracula. Portrayed by Titus Welliver from Lost, Ratko thinks highly of himself and constantly argues with Varney about his place in the pecking order. Ratko despises Varney and considers him weak. Varney, on the other hand, tolerates insults and fuels Ratko’s anger because he is a ruthless killing machine; and as it was later revealed, Varney feeds on death. Ratko places a tracking stone on Zamfir, leading the duo to the royal court of Targoviste.

Ratko and Varney arrive in Targoviste in search of a mirror from Dracula’s castle, where they meet Trevor, Sypha, Zamfir, and others. A battle ensues and Ratko kills a good number of enemies before coming face to face with Trevor. Ratko’s arrogance is ultimately his undoing when he encounters the wrong end of Trevor’s Holy Cross sword.

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When Sypha and Trevor arrive in Targoviste, they meet Zamfir, the de facto leader of the decimated city. She is the main guard in the Underground Court. Sypha and Trevor are stunned to discover Zamfir’s lack of organization and care for his own people. Most are starving as Zamfir makes them pay homage to their decaying king and queen in hopes that one day they will wake up again. Zamfir is crazy, by her own admission. As she tells it, she lost her mind the day Dracula attacked Targoviste. Zamfir genuinely believes that he has saved his people when in fact he has neglected them.

Zamfir suffers an epiphany when Varney and Ratko arrive. He finally acknowledges his wrong beliefs and takes action. Zamfir begins to fulfill his oath by protecting his people. Completing his bow, he stands in front of Ratko’s sword and sacrifices his own life to save the lives of the citizens.

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San German

Saint Germain’s fall from grace was one of the most tragic things to happen on the show. His only ambition was to reunite with his lost love in the Infinite Corridor. Driven by a mysterious alchemist in the Corridor to become more powerful, Saint Germain is forced to be unwavering in his quest. That meant sacrificing his morals and humanity.

Saint Germain begins murdering people in the name of alchemy and practicing death magic, using the souls of the dead to attempt to resurrect Dracula and his wife. Once brought back, their souls would inhabit a hermaphrodite body known as Rebis, giving Saint Germain the power to control the Infinite Corridor. Later, Saint Germain learns that Death had manipulated him from the beginning. Realizing the error of his ways, Saint Germain helps Trevor stop Dracula’s resurrection and dies in the process. Moments before his end, he sees the silhouette of his love through a portal. She studies him and walks away, perhaps disgusted by his actions.

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Death / Varney

On CastlevaniaThe list of deaths, there is Death itself! Disguised as an ancient London vampire named Varney, this elemental spirit feeds on the souls of the deceased. Voiced by the legendary Malcolm McDowell, Varney manipulates Saint Germain to create a Rebis with Vlad and Lisa Tepes. The true puppet master and manipulator from the beginning, he explains that he will use Dracula as a pawn to create death on a scale unimaginable before; which in turn will make him the most powerful being on Earth. His true intentions exposed, Varney reveals his skeletal form as the iconic Grim Reaper.

When Trevor and Saint Germain destroy the vessel for Dracula’s return, Death demands the souls our heroes deprived him of having. Trevor accepts it alone, resigned to meeting his fateful end. Wielding his massive scythe, Death is a mighty force of destructive power. With great arrogance and humor, foul-mouthed Death dispatches Trevor quite easily at first. Somehow, Trevor finds the strength to keep fighting, displaying his Vampire Killer whip with poise. Finally, Trevor stabs Death in the skull with an enchanted dagger that lights him up like the sun.

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Of all the deaths on this list, Lenore’s is the most beautiful. Following Carmilla’s disappearance at the hands of Isaac, Lenore has reached the end of the line as Queen of Styria. Sisters Council diplomat Lenore was fired by Carmilla’s warmongering ways. As Carmilla’s ambitions grew, Lenore’s usefulness to the quartet was completely removed. Little diplomacy is needed when the group’s goal shifted toward mass murder and global domination.

Lenore regrets that her sister’s lust for power corrupted her original plans caused by an inherently corrosive nature within vampires never to be satisfied. Choosing not to be Isaac’s prisoner, Lenore decides to take her own life. Share a last glass of wine with H├ęctor before going out into the daylight. She enjoys the opportunity to see the sunrise for the first time in her life and is not impressed by the humor. With a smile on her face, she fades away.

Castlevania stars Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades, James Callis as Alucard, Theo James as Hector, Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Isaac, Jaime Murray as Carmilla, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenore, Bill Nighy as St. Germain. , Jason. Isaacs as The Judge and Rila Fukushima as Sumi. The complete series is now available on Netflix.

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