Although the current Heroes reborn The comic book event just borrows the name from the original ’90s story, it continues a tradition at Marvel Comics from the last few years of bringing modern updates to the classic crossovers of the past. There are plenty of Marvel crossovers, big and small, that would be nice to revisit for longtime fans and new readers alike.

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A new version of the classic crossovers also has another benefit. With most of the Marvel Comics characters now under the Marvel Studios roof, both the MCU and the comics would benefit from new source material that highlights some of their greatest heroes and villains, possibly to be the focus of new ones. movies and series in the near future.

10 Doctor Doom’s private war

Namor agrees to help Doctor Doom

One of the first Marvel crossovers was Doctor Doom’s private war, which centered on a major plot from one of Marvel’s most heinous villains. In the story, Doctor Doom goes to war with Attuma, the Warlord of Atlantis, and indeed begins an unlikely friendship with Namor, the Prince of Atlantis, in his attempt to take over the world.

Given the likelihood that both characters will feature prominently in the MCU’s near future, this would be a good concept for Marvel to review, especially since they have both reverted to their familiar roles in the comics at this point. The mini-crossover took place between the Avengers # 150-156, the Avengers Annual # 6 and Super Villain Team # 9

9 Corporation

The Power Broker takes on Captain America in Marvel Comics

With The Power Broker’s debut in the MCU, now would be a good time for the comics to revisit a dark story from the late ’70s. Corporation was a loose crossover that ran between 1977 and 1979 through various books, including Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Y Deadly kung fu hands, starring Shang-Chi.

The evil international conglomerate known only as The Corporation attempted various schemes to increase its wealth and power, including attempting to usurp control of Machine Man. The original Power Broker, Curtiss Jackson, is one of the leaders of the group in the comics.

8 Hell

The cover of Uncanny X-Men # 240, the beginning of the Inferno story

Hell is one of the great crossovers of the early X-Men of the late 80’s. This story saw Madelyne Pryor, Cyclops’s wife, revealed as a clone of Jean Gray. In desperation, she becomes the Goblin Queen and tries to take the world to a hellish dimension. While circumstances would be difficult to repeat in the current era of the X-Men, Madelyne still exists as a clone thanks to Mr. Sinister.

However, she is persona non grata in Krakoa, a source of frustration for her and her love interest, Alex Summers. A reduction in history could be in sight, as a hellish dimension filled with demons could be an interesting place for someone to open a Krakoan gate.

7 The evolutionary war

High Evolutionary gives Adam Warlock the Soul Gem in Marvel Premiere Issue 1

The evolutionary war is a crossover that went through all of Marvel’s 1988 annuals. The High Evolutionary, a human scientist whose experiments on himself led him to develop greater intelligence and abilities, seeks to accelerate the evolution of humanity by unleashing a series of deadly attacks.

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The High Evolutionary is an interesting figure to revisit in the comics, as he currently plays a role in the often revised origin of The Scarlet Witch and his brother, Quicksilver. Once, the Maximoff twins had been Magneto’s children, but recent retcons changed that. Currently they are not mutants, but the result of experiments by The High Evolutionary.

6 Avengers / Defenders War

The Avengers have faced the X-Men a couple of times in the comics, but one of their first battles against other heroes was against The Defenders. The Avengers / Defenders War unfolded in 1973, an eight-number crossover between the two main Avengers Y Defenders Titles.

The two heroic teams are forced to fight each other by The Evil Eye, but later discover that they are both pawns of two of the most powerful magical entities in the Marvel Universe, Loki and Dormammu.

5 Thanos War

Thanos is famous at the heart of one of the greatest Marvel events of all time, The infinity gauntlet. But long before that, he was a part of some big crossovers like Thanos war. This story, also from 1973, sees Thanos try to take control of the Cosmic Cube and, therefore, the galaxy.

His cosmic ambition is based on a number of titles, including Iron Man, Captain Marvel (right now, Mar-Vell, the first and one of the most powerful versions of Captain Marvel), Reckless, Y the Avengers.

4 Blood and thunder

Thor thanks Thanos in Blood And Thunder

The next Thor love and thunder The movie doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Blood and thunder comic book crossover, but the history in the comics is worth revisiting. This early ’90s story has Thor going berserk.

He embarks on a violent rampage that eventually requires Thanos to help the other Avengers, along with the Silver Surfer, stop the God of Thunder. The crossover went through several titles, including the main Thor qualification, Silver surfer, Y Adam Warlock and the infinity clock.

3 Fall of the Mutants

The X-Men flying through the air from Marvel Comics

The X-Men and mutants in general seem to be enjoying an idyllic time on the living island of Krakoa right now. However, tragedy is never far from the X-Men and a possible crossover for current comics to revisit is The fall of the mutants. This 1988 storyline ended with the apparent death of the entire X-Men team.

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Although the X-Men survived, the ramifications played out over years. This story ran through all of the X-Men titles at the time and led to the formation of Excalibur, the Great Britain-based team made up of X survivors Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Summers.

two Phalanx pact

X-Men The Phalanx Pact

One of the many stories that unfold in the Dawn of x The era of current X-Men comics is the threat from the distant future of Phalanx. The X-Men have fought these techno-organic villains before in the mid-90s. The pact of the phalanx.

The alien race attacks Earth, leading to a major battle in most of the X-Men titles at the time (it also led to the creation of Generation X). Given Phalanx’s potential importance to the future of mutants and all of humanity, it could be an interesting concept to revisit.

1 Operation: Galactic Storm

The Avengers debate the fate of The Supreme Intelligence in Operation: Galactic Storm.

The cosmic aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been based on some of the most important stories in the comics. One that you haven’t touched yet, but might and would be worth revisiting in the comics is Operation: Galactic Storm.

This 1992 crossover traps the Avengers in an intergalactic battle between the Kree and the Shi’Ar, an alien race with deep ties to the X-Men. The main protagonists of the story include The White Vision, Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel, and one of the best collective Avengers rosters of all time.

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