Similar to the Arrowverse’s decision to recast Morgan Edge, Smallville also had two different actors playing the character. This is how it was explained.

Not much different from the Arrowverse, Smallville introduced Morgan Edge and then recast it with a new actor. Both Bounty hunter Actor Rutger Hauer and Patrick Bergin played the DC Comics crime boss in the Superman prequel series. Edge was a politician and a minor character in the Superman comics, but after “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, he became the head of a powerful criminal empire in Metropolis and an enemy of the Man of Steel.

Morgan Edge has never been to the movies, but he adapted to the small screen so much to Smallville and the Arrowverse. Portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, the villain served as a major antagonist to Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) during Supergirl season 3. Later, he returned to Superman and Lois, but with a new actor in the role; Adam Rayner. This new version of Edge is being portrayed as a well-connected businessman with a mysterious interest in Superman’s hometown of Smallville.

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Interestingly, both Smallville Y Superman and Lois have dealt with the recasting of Morgan Edge. In the Smallville Season 3 premiere, Clark (Tom Welling), under the influence of red kryptonite, became involved with the Metropolis gangster Edge, who eventually discovered Clark’s abilities and tried to cash in on him by making a deal with Lionel Luthor. (John Glover). . After Edge was found to be an accessory to previous murders committed by Lionel, Smallville brought it back for a later episode in the same season. Except this time, it was played by Patrick Bergin. It was explained that Edge looked different because he underwent plastic surgery, knowing that Lionel would eventually try to remove him.

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The decision to recast it apparently came as a result of a scheduling conflict with Rutger Hauer. As for the Arrowverse, it also has a way of making sense of Morgan Edge’s sudden change in appearance. Although not explicitly stated on the show, it is implied that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is the reason why Edge is not the same person Supergirl and her friends had to deal with on Earth-38. The rebirth of the multiverse and the creation of Earth-Prime made an untold number of alternations on established Arrowverse characters, meaning that the Crisis can easily be used to explain any big adjustment, be it a cast change, a different personality, or a new set of powers. Thanks to this, Superman and Lois has been able to ignore what Supergirl did with him and, in turn, they created their own version of the villain.

Superman and Lois He seems to have big plans for his Morgan Edge, considering it may be the big bad of the season. However, the same cannot be said for Smallville’s interpretation of the character. Through Rutger Hauer, the series created what promised to be a compelling antagonist that could have caused a lot of trouble for the Kents and Luthors throughout the season. That’s why it was a shame that they brought him back with a different actor and abruptly killed him before he could be used to his full potential.

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