Today, we see how, exactly, Scarlet Witch’s children with Vision (as we saw on WandaVision), who were babies when she lost them, are suddenly now teenagers, like Wiccan and Speed ​​of the Young Avengers.

In Left Unresolved, I highlight the stories that, well, have been left unsolved.


One of the highlights of the year for Steve Englehart and Richard Howell Vision and Scarlet Witch The miniseries (from 1985 to 1986) was the establishment that Vision WAS human. Only in an artificial body. Vision embraced his humanity at the end of No. 2 when she decided, “Hey, we should have a kid.” In the next issue (by Englehart, Howell, and Jim Mooney), the Scarlet Witch expresses some natural doubts about the possibility of a human woman having a child with a sythezoid.

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Later in the topic, however, Vision and the Scarlet Witch are captured by the Salem Seven, who prepare to sacrifice Wanda to Lucifer. There is a lot of magical energy contained by the leader of the Salem Seven, Vertigo. When Vision takes out Vertigo, suddenly there was a lot of magic with no one to control it. In the footsteps Wanda, but she needs help controlling it and the Vision helps her (meanwhile, she is seeing a vision of her magical mentor, Agatha Harkness, basically hinting, “You know, with all this magic available to you, maybe you can use it for your own benefit “).

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For lack of a better term, at that point Wanda essentially used magic to make magical sperm there, impregnating it. Heck, if you want to read Vision and Scarlet Witch’s interactions as “magic sex,” well, I guess you could. In any case, in the next issue, Wanda learns that she is in fact pregnant, as Doctor Strange gives her both a medical exam and a magic exam, as he essentially confirms that magic created a baby inside her. . I love how casual Doctor Strange is about how the baby was conceived. “Hey, it’s just magic.” At the end of the series, Wanda gives birth to twins.

However, of course, these are comics, so it wasn’t that simple (and, again, it really wasn’t that simple to begin with).

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On Avengers of the west coast # 43, new writer / artist John Byrne (with Mike Machlan in ink) picks up the previous story so that now it is Wanda’s probability-altering powers that created the babies and not magic. Later that same problem, however, her babies disappear. She keeps firing governesses, but the babies keep disappearing (it turns out that only Wanda’s powers were keeping them in existence and since her husband, Vision, had been kidnapped and had his personality erased, she was so scared that she couldn’t focus. in their children). The villainous Master Pandemonium appears and attempts to use little Billy and Tommy to replace the missing parts of his soul that he had lost years before. Turns out they weren’t part of his soul, but they were from someone else’s soul. Agatha Harkness explains in 1989 Avengers West Coast # 52 (by Byrne and Machlan) That the Scarlet Witch used her reality-altering powers to create the babies …

And the two souls he got for the babies were from pieces of Mephisto. Well, the babies were already gone. Years later, Scarlet Witch remembered her lost children and went crazy over the Avengers, blaming them for her lost children. Basically a total mental breakdown. She destroyed the Avengers Mansion and killed some Avengers, including her ex-husband, the Vision.


After the Avengers disbanded following the Scarlet Witch rampage, a new team called Young Avengers was formed. One of the team members was a teenager named Billy Kaplan, who lived with his parents in Manhattan. He had various powers, including that of casting spells. In 2005 Young Avengers # 10 (by Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, Rob Stull, Dave Meikis, Dexter Vines, and Justin Ponsor), the team released another teenager named Thomas Shepherd, who looked like Billy’s twin.

In the next issue, a Skrull explains that Billy (now called Wiccan) and Tommy (now known as Speed) are Scarlet Witch’s lost twins.

Billy and Tommy finally accept that they are the reincarnated children of Scarlet Witch. In 2008 Young Avengers Gifts # 3 (by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Alina Urusov) meet Maestro Pandemonium and he accepts. Finally, in 2011 Avengers: Children’s Crusade # 6 (by Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, John Livesay, Dave Meikis, and Justin Ponsor), meet Scarlet Witch (who is no longer mentally unbalanced) and use her powers to confirm that Billy and Tommy ARE her children.

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Okay so Billy and Tommy are the reincarnations of the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision … but what does that really mean? For example, the last time we saw them, before they disappeared, they were BABIES and now they are teenagers. So how does that work? Billy grew up raised by his parents in Manhattan. In fact, about a year before the Young Avengers were formed, he literally MET the Scarlet Witch in Young Avengers Special # 1 (in a story by Allan Heinberg and Jae Lee). So what are Scarlet Witch’s children genetically like if they were born to other people? And if they are reincarnations, how does that work when they were obviously alive when Scarlet Witch had her children? The whole thing is nonsense, and I would normally add it to my other feature, “How can I explain it?” about unexplained comic book plots, except I imagine some writer will eventually SOLVE this, so I leave it here.

In 2016 Scarlet Witch # 8 (by James Robinson and Tula Lotay), Wanda visits her psychiatrist (actually the Grand Master of the Crime Circus, but Wanda is impressed by how good a therapist he is, even if it’s part of a scam of hers) and she states the two possibilities. Either Billy and Tommy did indeed take over the souls of Billy Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd (who is in bad shape) or the souls traveled back in time and joined them before they were born and Billy and Tommy were simply raised. by other people until their teens. years (which is ALSO in bad shape) …

However, it is important to note that these are only THEORIES of the Scarlet Witch. Again, no one knows for sure how this whole thing works, including the “But wait, if they are just reincarnations of the soul, why do they physically resemble each other? Why do they have powers like their mother and uncle? powers like his mother and uncle when apparently Wanda and Pietro aren’t even mutants?) There are a lot of questions we don’t have an answer for yet, but I guess some writer will break this baby down in the future!

If anyone has a suggestion for an unsolved comic book plot, write me at [email protected]!

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