In IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog # 39, Sonic and his friends have become Dr. Eggman’s guinea pigs as he tests his latest inventions on them.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog # 9

It may not have been your intention, but Sonic the Hedgehog has become an unwilling partner to really help Dr. Eggman craft the next ultimate weapon to defeat him and the Restoration.

The unintended association began after Sonic and his companions Amy Rose and Tails stumbled upon a strange tower while investigating the source of some severe weather anomalies off the coast. Upon infiltrating the tower, the trio discovered that the evil mad scientist built it as a means of testing his latest inventions, and as guests of Dr. Eggman, they have essentially become unwitting test subjects.

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Dr. Eggman has already tested many of his latest diabolical inventions on Sonic and his friends in the tower’s many physics-defying rooms. The former was arguably the most puzzling, though not as effective as it could have been, as the test occurred in an empty city filled with stuffed versions of Sonic’s friends. From the main control room, two of Eggman’s henchmen pulled the lever on a slot machine that combined random parts of pre-existing Badniks before sending them off to fight the three intruders in the fake city.

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After being coerced into another area of ​​the tower, Sonic now finds himself battling three Elemental Badniks that Dr. Eggman is remotely controlling with a VR headset (and enjoying every minute of it), starting with Sonic the Hedgehog # 39 by Evan Stanley and Abby Bulmer. Ironically, the tower might have initially been a way for Eggman to identify the next best weapon to use against Sonic and his friends, but as the battle continues to unfold, it appears that the test could eradicate his swift blue nemesis on his own. Fortunately for Sonic, two other Restoration allies who weren’t supposed to come with him sneaked into the tower and are on their way to help.

Although it’s an intriguing setup, the tests Dr. Eggman has employed thus far pale in comparison to the Metal Virus he unleashed on Sonic’s world a few numbers ago. The Metal Virus was so effective that it not only infected Sonic and transformed the majority of the population into robotic zombies, but it got out of control so much that it required Sonic and Dr. Eggman to team up, especially when the so-called leader of the Deadly Six, Zavoc, took advantage of his ability to manipulate magnetism to control all of Dr. Eggman’s robotic zombies. The whole thing now seems small and pretty bland in comparison, though the spooky fake city added a little element of horror that the series hasn’t seen since the Metal Virus. Even though these are all tests and Dr. Eggman probably will not use something that fails here, they are all just different versions of Badniks, which shows where Dr. Eggman’s head is and shows that he is unable to think outside of the box. box. If only, Dr. Eggman will realize this and opt for a much larger scheme, i.e. if Sonic and his friends survive.

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