The first part of FF7 Remake gave more development to minor characters like Jessie and Biggs, but other characters need the same improvements.

When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released, players experienced much more than just a remake or remastering, but an entirely new game where the story and characters were developed far beyond those of the original PlayStation title. Supporting cast members like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge went from single-note characters, seemingly present only to fill out the Avalanche ranks, to three-dimensional characters with more defined personalities and bows. As the FF7 Redo The series continues on, many fans are curious what other NPCs might receive the same character crafting in the next few chapters.

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While the original Final fantasy 7 was a hit at the time of its release, with a presentation style unheard of for an RPG of its day, the cinematic focus began and largely ended with footage from FF7. The game’s storytelling, while competent, fits more with the games of its day, with major events tracked with minimal time to unravel the resulting emotions, and characters existing as general archetypes rather than developed or dynamic characters. Visuals have clearly improved since the original PlayStation launch, and storytelling standards have improved as well. Games like FF7 remake fully embrace the emotional growth of character previously associated with prestigious novels, movies, and television series.

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One of the first characters to need more screen time and growth is Shera, a scientist who worked with Cid Highwind on creating a rocket for spaceflight. Cid had aborted the original rocket launch due to Shera being present in the warehouse doing final security checks. If he had thrown himself while she was still there, he would have died. Shera and Cid blame her for ruining their dreams of a successful space flight with her over-caution and poor judgment, and she accepts Cid’s verbal reprimand without complaint.

FF7’s Shera and Dyne can do more in FF7 Remake Part 2

Later, Cid learns that his concerns were valid, as the oxygen tank he was inspecting was, in fact, defective and nearly led to his death. Later Final fantasy 7 the media noted that Cid married Shera and named an aircraft in her honor. Although it serves greatly to facilitate the character arc of Cid, Shera herself certainly needs more growth in the game, as her prudence and wisdom were not appreciated for many years.

As Shera plays a role in the Cid arc, Dyne’s story was central to Barret Wallace’s background. Dyne was Barret’s best friend and Marlene’s biological father. When Shinra betrayed Corel’s village, Dyne and Barret’s wives were killed, and Dyne believed their daughter had died as well. Scarlet ordered Shinra’s soldiers to fire while Barret held Dyne over a cliff, costing them an arm each. When Barret meets Dyne later at Corel, transformed from a village to a prison, Dyne has become nihilistic and destructive, planning to kill everyone he can, including his daughter, so they can reunite with his afterlife. wife.

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Barret stops Dyne’s murderous plans, and Dyne takes his own life, leaving a memory for Marlene. Dyne’s story is tragic, mirroring Barret’s as a man who had everything taken from him. While Barret struggled to make things better, Dyne had given up on the world. Dyne deserves more time for the weight of his story to resonate as it should in FF7 Remake Part 2.

Mentors like Zangan and Bugenhagen can grow from FF7

Other characters that could benefit from crafting include some of the mentor characters from the original. Tifa was FF7’s character that embodies the Monk kind of work from before Final Fantasy games, and she had learned martial arts from a traveling master named Zangan. Very little is revealed about Zangan, other than that he would. “travel the world teaching martial arts to children, ”And that it had 128 students.

Zangan had taken Tifa to safety, and then to Midgar for medical attention, following her severe Sephiroth injury at the time the city of Nibelheim was destroyed, an event that Cloud had a hard time remembering correctly until later. in the game. Zangan’s letter to Tifa noted that he may have also suffered an injury, which prevented him from fighting as he used to. More information is definitely needed on this enigmatic martial arts master.

Many other supporting characters could benefit from the additional dialogue and development of the first Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and you could probably get it in later follow ups. Other mentors like Bugenhagen need more characterization along with Zangan. Aerith’s biological parents, Professor Gast and Ifalna, need further development for their tragic love to have the necessary impact as well. Given its strong start, RPG fans can be hopeful that many other NPCs will end up as well-developed as Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge.

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