Movies based on true events can assume their audience knows the story, which is a key reason Titanic spoils its ending in the first ten minutes.

When Titanic was released in 1997, even viewers unfamiliar with the historic event were immediately told that the ship had sunk, effectively ruining the finale in the first ten minutes. In fact, the unveiling is taking place today, placing viewers on an equal footing with the treasure hunters who discover Rose’s necklace. From there, most of the story is told as a flashback.

Together, viewers and explorers learn the story of the day the Titanic sank from the hand of one of the fictional survivors, Rose herself. They learn the details of his experience on the ship and the intense connection he forms with Jack in a short amount of time. However, thanks to the beginning of the film, audiences know exactly what is coming and for very good reason.

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The sinking was included at the beginning of Titanic both for the widespread knowledge of what happened to the ship and for raising the stakes for the main characters. In essence, the movie is a love story between Jack and Rose. Pitting them against a sinking ship works wonders for creating tension and increasing the stakes. By letting the audience know early on that these lovers are doomed to go down with the ship, it adds a layer of anticipation and drama to the whole story. It’s not just about hapless lovers who meet by chance; it is also about two people whose love story was tragic from the beginning. This dramatic twist goes from a shocking twist to a heartbreaking inevitability that brings the audience closer to the main characters. Suddenly, it’s not just another romance; it is a romance that is hurtling towards an inevitable conclusion.

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Jack and Rose look at each other in the hall, Rose holds her arm

The decision to inform the public that the ship would sink does double duty, as it also prevents any viewer who knows the ship’s history from being distracted by the inevitable outcome. They don’t have to waste time wondering how and when this event will occur and are instead free to invest in both leads. This changes the shape of history and focuses on the historical event of the sinking. Titanic to the very personal experiences of the people on board.

Audiences spends the first half of the film not only experiencing the whirlwind of Jack and Rose’s romance, but also knowing what the couple awaits. When the ship finally hits the iceberg and tragedy strikes, Rose makes the decision to return for Jack, proving her true love for him despite the almost certain death that such a decision would lead to. Of course, the original and modern public knows very well that it is Rose who survives the events of Titanic thanks to that “spoiler” of an opening. And while this ending is a devastating blow to anyone supporting the pair, it provides a perfectly bittersweet conclusion. Titanic when Jack and Rose finally meet again in the afterlife.

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