Some say that the worst of actions begins with the best of intentions. Many protagonists of shonen anime tend to strive for what they consider to be a better tomorrow for themselves, the people they love, or even the rest of their world, and thankfully, for the most part, their efforts end up making a difference. for the best. However, not all do.

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There are quite a few shonen protagonists whose actions end up making things much worse, either by accident or entirely on purpose. Sometimes it is a mistake that has a domino effect, other times the protagonist doubles as the villain, whatever the case may be, they are all proof that actions always have consequences.

10 Science that started with good intentions (Dr. Stone)

The smart Senku is Dr. Stone’s Resident scientist who ends up bringing scientific achievements to the new stone world by resurfacing more than three thousand years after the petrification of humanity. He even cracks the code to free other humans from their stone form, but this ends up having unforeseen consequences.

In a split-second decision, Senku revives the mighty Tsukasa who saves him and Taiju from the lions, but ends up creating his greatest enemy in the process. This decision goes on to haunt Senku even further as Tsukasa uses his petrification formula to revive people to serve in his empire and wage war against Senku and anyone else who stands in his way.

9 All this could have been avoided if you told the truth (Rent-a-Girlfriend)

After being harshly dumped by his first girlfriend, in his bad luck, Kazuya ends up using a girlfriend app for rent to heal his broken heart with the lovely Chizuru. Unfortunately, Kazuya ends up taking things too far and this entangles them both in a messy web of lies that makes their respective family members think that they are really dating.

If that wasn’t enough, Kazuya continues to lie to his friends partly to pet his own ego, but also further complicating things for Chizuru and himself in the process. He may not originally intended for things to get that bad, but the results make Kazuya look pathetic at best and a bastard at worst.

8 Bo-bobo’s sheer chaotic randomness! (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

The world of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo it works on its own weird internal logic that mostly pokes fun at shonen anime tropes and archetypes, with Bo-bobo himself titular in the role of the main hero. That said, Bo-bobo primarily wins all of his battles with the power of sheer chaotic randomness that often turns into a double-edged sword.

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These methods include accidentally turning on baddies, throwing unwitting allies or innocent passersby randomly into the fight, and (most notably) using your friends as human shields to block attacks. He can be considered an unorthodox hero, but it is difficult to know if Bo-bobo is really saving the world or not.

7 Indecision and cowardice, a winning combination? (Future Diary)

Yuki and Yuno, Future Diary

Even inaction has its own equivalent reaction, something that would describe Yukiteru Amano from Future Diary very well. Most, when caught up in a big game of life and death, do their best to survive, but Yuki ends up being one of two things at one point, or he’s a great coward who prefers to hide under the covers, or he’s frustratingly undecided.

Fortunately for Yuki, he manages to enlist the help of his obsessive admirer Yuno to do all the heavy lifting for him. However, due to how he chained her, Yuno ends up killing en masse (including innocents) on his behalf and then kidnaps him. Yuki’s over-reliance on Yuno and the inability to do anything ends up making things worse for literally everyone.

6 Eren Yeager, from repeated hostage to violent revolutionary (attack on Titan)

At first, Eren’s ability to become a Titan gave humanity the hope they never knew they had against the man-eating giants, but it turns out that hope can turn to despair in Attack on Titan very fast. At first, Eren would be repeatedly defeated or captured and would need to be rescued, causing injury and even death to some of his allies.

As time passed and he improved, Eren went from being a repeat hostage to a violent and almost apathetic revolutionary who didn’t care who was injured or killed, directly or indirectly, whether they were friends, foes, or innocent bystanders. He may have his reasons, but Eren definitely became the kind of monster he vowed to destroy.

5 Excel, the worst henchman of all time (Excel Saga)

Every villain needs a confident right-handed man / woman who can do the dirtiest job for their boss. Unfortunately, Excel is not that minion. Fully dedicated to the villain Il Palazzo, Excel is sent to prepare the planet for conquest. However, Excel is completely incompetent even in the best of cases.

Excel’s hyperactive nature combined with its stupidity and bad luck make it fail even the simplest tasks. To make matters worse is that its partner, Hyatt, cannot keep it under control. The constant failures of Excel would be good news for humanity, but because of how destructive its mistakes are, no one ends up being safe.

4 The Killer Among Us (Talentless Nana)

Talentless Nana Captured

At first glance, Nana Hiiragi seems like a nice and friendly girl, but that’s just a cover because she is truly a cold-blooded killer. Sent to murder super-powered young men called “Talented” Nana without talent He spends most of his time watching the main character find nasty ways to kill his classmates one by one.

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Believing that her actions are for the common good, Nana uses every means at her disposal to complete her mission, whether she has to kill talented students outright or manipulate others to do it for her. Causing all the suffering for her targets, Nana may not have powers, but her intelligence is the deadliest weapon in her arsenal.

3 Proof that power corrupts absolutely (Death Note)

Light Yagami from Death Note, evil laugh

The course of Light Yagami’s life takes a sudden and dramatic turn when he discovers the Death Note, a notebook that can kill whoever is written on it. Deciding to use his powers to rid the world of evil, Light uses the Death Note to kill criminals, but it won’t be long before Light’s intentions turn into a twisted god complex.

Soon Light’s actions draw the attention of the authorities whom he ends up murdering to continue his work. Light also ends up manipulating others who die for him out of devotion and his mass slaughter even starts a cult that worships him. He may have tried to purge the world of bad people, but he turned out to be one of the worst.

two In the name of preserving a “Happy Sugar Life” (Happy Sugar Life)

Satou Matasuzaka, Happy Sugar Life

Sato Matsuzaka’s appearance makes her seem like a kind and innocent soul, the truth is that she is the opposite. Sato’s mind is completely warped with an incredibly twisted idea of ​​what she considers “love.” At the beginning of Happy sugar life Sato has seemingly crushed the hearts of her many boyfriends, but things go awry after she kidnaps a girl named Shio, in love with her purity.

Deciding that keeping Shio to herself was her definition of a happy life, Sato would make anyone she perceived as a threat to her suffer. This included blackmail, mental breakdown, or murder of whoever got in their way. Even her eventual death would haunt anyone who came across her.

1 The many, many examples of Goku (Dragon Ball)

Dragon Ball Super - Goku confused by Copy Vegeta

In terms of iconic shonen anime heroes, Goku is one of the first that comes to mind. However, no one is perfect and Goku has made a lot of mistakes over the years.

Examples include his insistence on having a fair fight that has gotten him and his friends in trouble, his lack of common sense that caused a lot of unintentional destruction, indirectly creating some of his most powerful enemies who end up killing tons of innocent people, and his desire for the Tournament of Power nearly doomed several universes. Goku has saved the universe more than once, but he also ends up being part of the problem at times.

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