DC has brought back the daughter of a hero-villain couple and thrown her onto the streets of Gotham, but Arsenal still don’t know she’s alive.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1 Y Infinite Frontier: Secret Files # 2!

DC has secretly resurrected the daughter of a couple of heroes and villains. The daughter of Roy Harper and Jade Nguyen is believed to have died since 2010. DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1 has now revealed otherwise.

Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, is best known as the Green Arrow sidekick. He was previously involved in a relationship with Jade Nguyen, one of DC’s best assassins, operating under the name Cheshire. The two had a daughter named Lian Harper, but she was supposed to have been killed by the Electrocutioner in Star City. However, DC’s most recent continuity change is proving to be making big changes in that story.

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Infinite Frontier: Secret Files # 2, created by Stephanie Phillips, Joshua Williamson, IƱaki Miranda, Nick Filardi and Tom Napolitano, focuses on Roy Harper. He recently returned from the dead and has made no move to contact his old friends and teammates. However, his memory is gradually returning and this problem reveals that his daughter’s death still haunts him. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter is not really dead; she is much closer in some ways than I ever thought possible. DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration # 1 includes the story “Masks” by Ram V, Audrey Mok, Jordie Bellaire and Tom Napolitano. In this story, Cheshire, Roy Harper’s old love, is seen saving and abandoning a young girl. Two biographies included in the issue confirm that Shoes, also known as the Cheshire Cat, is actually Lian Harper, her long-lost daughter.

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These biographies reveal that Cheshire and Cheshire Cat actually have a mother-daughter relationship, although they are not known at this time. On DC Heroes Festival, Cheshire abandons her daughter in a church. Eventually this daughter, Lian, grows up to walk the streets of Gotham’s Allentown as Catwoman’s sidekick. With the name “Shoes” and the codename Cheshire Cat, Lian doesn’t really know how he’s doing. Until now, no one else knew. Cheshire Cat was inspired by the only memory he has from his youth, a heroic woman in a cat mask who is actually his mother. This caused her to take her own cloak and wear a similar mask. She was brought back Convergence and in alternate universes, but never in the main continuity for long, until maybe now.

Roy has been through many dark times. He lost his daughter, went through rehab, and died as a result of an accident caused by one of his closest friends. Roy has also had setbacks with his ex-girlfriend, Cheshire, which included the loss of his daughter, in addition to her drugging him. It is currently unknown how exactly Lian survived or what Cheshire’s role was in his resurrection. This could be a point of drama between the two former lovers, causing more tension in their emotional lives that is compounded by their mutual loss, if Cheshire simply takes Lian and leaves her without telling Roy.

However, Cheshire has had connections to the League of Assassins, led by Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s has been known to resurrect others using the Lazarus Pit, which could be the reason why Lian doesn’t have many memories of his childhood. Lian’s return has happened quite quietly, although if Roy finds out Cheshire daughter is alive, it could finally give him a true purpose to live and help him heal, or it could make him Arsenal more frustrated with all the opportunities he has lost over time.

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