Reboots and revivals are all the rage right now in Hollywood, especially as more companies join the streaming wars. After all, the best way to attract new subscribers is to capitalize on nostalgia, which is exactly what Paramount + is doing. icarly is the latest TV series to be revived for Paramount + as announced in December 2020. The best part is that the new show is closer than everyone thought and will premiere on June 17, 2021 on Paramount +.

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icarly was one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows in the late 2000s and early 2010s, so it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback. While there aren’t too many details about the new show yet, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress have been confirmed to be part of the cast. And with so much still unknown, fans have turned to speculating and brainstorming about the things they hope the new show will contain.

10 Spencer as a successful artist

Spencer making her butter statue in iCarly

Fans of the original icarly I will remember that Spencer (Trainor) was not only Carly’s chaotic and eccentric older brother, but he was also an aspiring artist. Throughout the series, Spencer created dozens of funny and bizarre sculptures; some of which were successful and others not so good. By far a fan favorite was his Mr. Toasty butter sculpture.

Now that Spencer is older on the reboot, fans are hopeful that his hard work has finally paid off and that he has become an established artist. They also hope that he hasn’t stopped making weird and fun sculptures.

9 Carly restarts the web series

Fredding filming Sam and Carly in the studio

One of the most important parts of icarly was the actual web series that Carly (Cosgrove) filmed in her spare bedroom with her best friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Kress). Watching the trio’s filming antics created some of the funniest moments on the show and set it apart from other Nickelodeon shows.

While the internet and vlogging have changed a lot since icarly It’s over, fans are hopeful that Carly will review her vlogging history and maybe adapt it to the times. Perhaps, it could feature a famous channel equivalent to Tik Tok.

8 An explanation for Sam’s absence

Jennette McCurdy as Sam

Sam was an important character in the original. icarly serving not only as Carly’s mischievous best friend, but also as Freddie’s love interest in later seasons. Unfortunately, she will not be in the renaissance as Jennette McCurdy has chosen to retire from acting after a long career as a child actress.

While fans respect and admire McCurdy’s decision, they can’t help but wonder how the show will address Sam’s absence. A joke on the show was always that Sam would probably end up in jail one day, so that might be one of the ways the show tackles issues, but hopefully they find a more positive story for Sam.

7 Carly becoming a true twentysomething

Miranda Cosgrove in orange on the set of the new iCarly show celebrating with a cake and a banner

One of the difficult things about restarting a popular children’s show is that it is difficult to decide who the target audience should be. Weather icarly Originally a children’s show, Cosgrove has put it on the record that the reboot is more for the 20-something audiences who grew up watching the original.

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With this news, fans are hopeful that Carly will turn out to be a true, bona fide twentysomething and not a watered-down in case the kids are watching. It’s a tough line on the feet that could go either direction, but hopefully Paramount + allows the show to do just that (unlike what Disney + did with the Lizzie mcguire restart).

6 Things that burst into flames at random

Spencer holding one of her artwork that is on fire in iCarly

Avid fans of the original icarly You’ll recall that the show has a lot of jokes, including one where things in Spencer’s apartment randomly burst into flames. Sometimes it was things that made sense, like microwaves and stoves, but other times, things randomly burst into flames that you shouldn’t like batteries.

It was a hilarious stunt that never got old and fans are hopeful that it will return in the reboot, especially since Spencer still lives in the same apartment.

5 Freddie’s mom is still dominant

Freddie's mom setting an alarm in the apartment.

Another funny joke / meme from guy in icarly She was Freddie’s bossy mother who lived next door to Spencer. Fans will remember her randomly breaking into Spencer’s place to remind Freddie to shower, put on sunscreen, or other weird stuff.

Although Freddie will be an adult in the reboot, fans are hopeful that his mother will make an appearance. After all, overprotective parents rarely stop being overprotective just because their children are adults. In fact, it could be even more fun now that he’s older.

4 More of Freddie’s personal life

Freddie in a button-down shirt sitting in front of the computer in Spencer's apartment

The original series focused more on Carly than Freddie, at least in previous seasons. While fans were able to get a glimpse of his home life and he had some romantic plots over the years, fans are hoping to have even more Freddie in the reboot.

This is especially true since Freddie was revealed to have a stepdaughter in the reboot. The news came as a shock to many fans who are now eager to find out who Freddie ended up with and what he’s like as a father.

3 Carly becomes Spencer’s neighbor

Spencer jumping up and down outside her apartment door

Part of the charm of icarly It came from the iconic apartment complex where Spencer, Carly and Freddie lived and where they filmed the web series. And while Spencer is confirmed to still live in the same apartment, it’s unclear where Carly is going to live.

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Now that Carly has a new roommate, fans are curious to know where she and her new best friend live. While it might be fun for them to venture into a new apartment and bedroom, fans are hopeful that she ends up being Spencer’s neighbor at the apartment complex.

two T-Bo & The Groovy Smoothie to make an appearance

T-Bo holding a bunch of potatoes on a stick

Like many Nickelodeon shows, icarly it had a funny cast of supporting characters who were always there to make fans laugh. One of the most memorable of these recurring cast members was T-Bo, an employee of The Groovy Smoothie.

Fans are hoping that T-Bo will make an appearance and that Carly and Freddie will continue to visit The Groovy Smoothie. It will be fun to see what wild food on a stick T-Bo invented since the show ended. Cross your fingers, he will make an appearance.

1 A new iconic theme song

Carly and Sam screaming in the opening credits.

Like its predecessor Drake and Josh, the original icarly it had an amazing and catchy theme song that was paired with an iconic opening sequence. “Leave It All To Me” was bound to get stuck in anyone’s head, which is what made it tick.

Although theme songs are not used as much anymore, the icarly the reboot won’t be the same without an iconic theme song of its own. Perhaps, they can combine the original song with a new version that is even better and more mature than the original.

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