Madara Uchiha was one of the main antagonists of Naruto and he was known to be the mastermind behind every catastrophic disaster throughout the series. However, a question that is often posed within the Naruto community is how different things could have been for Madara if he had become the Hokage.

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He had an extraordinarily bad reputation and was unanimously feared by everyone in the shinobi world. And while there is no denying that Madara did a multitude of unforgivable things, when history began to reveal his past, fans learned that the warrior villain Uchiha had led an incredibly painful life filled with ongoing trauma and conflict.

10 He cared deeply for his brother, showing that he would protect his loved ones at all costs.

Uchiha Izuna vs Senju Tobirama

Growing up in an era where children were forced to fight on the battlefield, Madara and Harshiama’s past revealed that they had both lost many of their siblings due to the ongoing conflict between the Uchiha and Senju clan. Madara swore that his last surviving brother, Uchiha Izuna, would suffer no harm, and fought mercilessly to protect him from danger, but was sadly killed by Tobirama Senju.

The irrevocable love that Madara had for his younger brother shows the great efforts he would go to to save those who are precious to him. This means that as a Hokage, he would have prospered to protect Konoha and its villagers.

9 He is known as one of the most powerful shinobi in history.

Madara was considered an anomaly due to the breadth of his power and was recognized as the strongest Uchiha in his life, killing many members of the Senju Clan even before he had activated his Sharingan. Even after his death, any mention of his name would cause fear among the shinobi.

Her limitless abilities include mastery of the five fundamental transformations of nature and proficiency in Yin Release, Yang Release, Wood Release, and Storm Release. He was also the first human to awaken the Rinnegan.

8 He loved Konohagakure and even gave the village its name

Konohagakure after the war

Finally, after decades of war, the long rivalry between Senju and Uchiha apparently came to an end, and Konohagakure was built to symbolize their new truce.

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Madara was immensely proud of the village he built with Harsihama and had high hopes that it would usher in peace. Furthermore, it was Madara who actually named Konohagakure, which literally means Town Hidden in the Leaves after he took a leaf and looked at the village through it.

7 He was extremely intelligent and managed to cheat death twice

1 madara uchiha laughing

Knowing that he could not defeat Harshirama, Madara rewrote his death after he was fatally stabbed using Izanagi, a genjutsu ability performed with the Sharingan that allows its user to turn imagination into reality. Once he was brought back to life, Madara sought out the Outer Path Demon Statue, also known as Gedo Mazo, infused it with Harshirama’s cells, and connected it to himself. This kept him alive long enough to successfully bring Obito on board with his plan, where he was brought back to life during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

It’s fair to say that most of his intelligence was used for dangerous reasons, but perhaps he would have accomplished incredible things if he had used his intellect for the greater good like the Hokage.

6 He was a fearless warrior and no one enjoyed fighting more than him.

The Hokage has a responsibility to protect the village from both external and internal threats.

Although historically his tendency to enjoy fighting led him to disastrous situations, if it must be done, there is no one better suited to charge at the forefront of the battlefield than Madara.

5 Madara was less naive than Hashirama

Hashirama was an excitable man with a vibrant personality who was desperate for peace, so he constantly worked hard to stop any hint of potential conflict. Hashirama was often considered naive and unrealistic by his close companions, particularly his younger brother Tobirama, who regularly kept him in check.

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Although the creation of Konoha brought momentary peace, Madara understood that Hashirama’s ideals would never prevent war for an extended period of time and, unlike Hashirama, he would not have so easily bowed his head to the other Kage during the first Summit of the Five Kage. .

4 He recognized the strength of others

After Hashirama’s father found out that Madara was part of the Uchiha Clan, both respective clans used Madara and Hashirama to set a trap in the river where they spent time together.

Despite being a child prodigy, Madara recognized those who were stronger than him. So when asked by his father if he could win against Hashirama with his current strength, Madara replied that if he fought him now, he would lose.

3 He only wanted peace even though his desired goal was evil

Before it was revealed that Madara had been manipulated by Black Zetsu the entire time, his plan to trap humanity under an illusion using the Infinite Tsukuyomi was executed with the intention of bringing true peace to the world.

There is no doubt that his idea was incredibly twisted, but Madara really wanted to bring good in his own way, even if it meant a false sense of peace.

two He suggested the idea that peace could be achieved in the first place

In the end, before dying for the last time, Madara and Hashirama shared a heartfelt moment in which he reflected on the path he chose to follow. He admits that even though his dream was crushed, Hahirama’s dreams continue to live on.

Harshirama reminds Madara that when they were young, Madara once said, “We are Shinobi, and we don’t know when we will die. And in order for neither side to die, we would both have to reveal what’s inside of us and pour our drinks to ourselves. toast like brothers “. So when Madara took his last breath, Hashirama offered to drink together, to which Madara agreed.

1 He was a strong candidate to be the first Hokage of Konoha

Once the village was built, Hashirama appointed Madara as the First Hokage, but Tobirama strongly expressed his hesitancy towards his older brother’s decision.

Tobirama requested that the village leader be decided by vote, and as Hashirama was stronger and more popular with the couple, he instead became the First Hokage of Konohagauke.

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