A leaker claims that a Pokémon Presents will take place in June, allegedly revealing the release date for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

A new Pokemon It has been rumored that he will present for June, which will supposedly feature the release dates of Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl, as well as Pokémon UNITE. Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl currently have a Nintendo Switch release window in late 2021, while free MOBA Pokémon UNITE has none so far.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl are the long awaited remakes of Gen IV Pokemon games, originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2006. The Pokémon Company hasn’t shown many images of Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shining pearl, but they appear to be faithful recreations of the original games, right down to the chibi-style sprites in the overworld. It is unclear if they will include content from Platinum Pokémon mechanics of Pokémon Sword Y To protect (such as the Dynamax and Gigantamax forms), or any new content that was not in the original games.

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The Pokémon Company has not released any new information about Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl since the titles were first announced, but that could change soon. Nintendo and Pokemon filter KeliosFR has said on Twitter that an exhibition of Pokémon Presents will be held in “early june“and that will reveal the release dates of Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl Y Pokémon UNITE. No word on Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which is also in development for the Nintendo Switch for a 2022 release.

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Kelios has correctly predicted events in the past, such as the Nintendo Mini Partner Direct from July 2020. They also predicted that a Pokémon Direct would occur on Pokémon Day in 2021, but that prediction wasn’t exactly the hardest to make with or without insider information. . For now, this latest leak should be treated as a rumor until confirmed.

It is likely that Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl will be released in fall 2021 and will be the big Switch Christmas titles in 2021. The Switch schedule for 2021 is extremely empty in the second half of the year, and it’s new Pokemon The remakes would certainly qualify to be this year’s system vendors. Pokémon UNITE Meanwhile, it is a mobile device title, which means it could be released at any time and could even be removed during the Pokémon Presents show. However, after the initial bad reaction from fans to Pokémon UNITE in 2020, it seems clear Pokemon Fans are more excited about the upcoming return to Sinnoh.

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Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Fountain: KeliosFR / Twitter

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How many biomes does the return have (and what are they)?

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