Who were X-Club, the band of cool figures Beast assembled after House of M, and what kind of role could they have in Krakoa?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Corp # 1 by Tini Howard, Alberto Foche, Sunny Gho, and VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Following the events of House of M, Scarlet Witch used her reality warping powers to change the world, wiping out the abilities of approximately 98% of the world’s mutant population in the process. Known as M-Day, this “Annihilation” saw the X-Men desperate to save what was left of their species.

In a valiant effort to remedy the situation, Beast reached out to nearly every major genius in the Marvel Universe for help. Unfortunately, almost everyone who approached rejected him. This led him to create a short-lived group with the potential to change the world, not just for mutants but for all of humanity. Who were the X-Club, Beast’s band of scientific experts?

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Beast, one of the X-Men’s most prominent scientific minds (and Scarlet Witch’s former teammate during her stint as one of the Avengers), embarked on his quest to restore the mutant species. To this end, he brought together some of the world’s leading mutant experts: Doctor Nemesis, Madison Jefferies, Yurkio Takiguchi, and Kavita Rao. Working alongside Danger (the smart show that once ran Danger Room) and based on Utopia, the X-Club set out to solve the mutant crisis.

For a time, they became the first scientific division of the X-Men, using their intellect to aid the X-Men during Second Advent. However, the group has been more or less abandoned today, with many of the X-Club members moving to different positions. However, the group could be of great benefit if they reformed in Krakoa, especially in light of the scientific advancements used by Beast’s most recent group affiliation, X-Force.

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X-Force Beast

With organizations like SWORD and X-Corp championing the cause of new technological developments, the timing for a group like X-Club has never been better. The group would have access to the vast resources provided to Krakoa, allowing them to act on their innovative ideas with the full financial support and protection of X-Corp.

As well as being the perfect group to further expand mutant potential and create new inventions that could help Krakoa (and in turn the entire world), X-Club could be a natural counterattack for the darker Beast elements that have been arriving. recently at the forefront. The founder of X-Man has become increasingly willing to cross moral lines, and other figures like Cecilia Reyes and Jean Gray are often needed to contain his impulses. Having the X-Club around you could be the perfect way to realign Hank McCoy’s scientific curiosity with a sense of morality, and bring him (and X-Force) back from the slippery slope they have balanced on since training. of Krakoa.

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