The Pokemon The series features a wide range of abilities that each Pokémon can use, either to escape wild Pokémon or to improve their own stats in battle against other Pokémon. However, there are some Pokémon that are endowed with less than ideal abilities. Some of these abilities could be useful outside of battle, but not within actual battle. Other abilities are absolutely useless to Pokémon or even work to their detriment during battles.

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Although some of these Pokémon could be strong contenders to use in battle, their abilities can do them more harm than good.

10 Unown’s ability does not make him more useful in battle

unknown pokemon

Unown’s ability, Levitate, makes him immune to Ground-type moves. However, Unown already suffers from a moveset that only contains Hidden Power. Even with Levitate involved, this makes Unown difficult to use in a proper battle and is best left out of it. Fans wish Unown had a different ability that could help it compensate for its lack of movement, or at least damage the opposing Pokémon.

9 Skitty’s Normalize does little to aid him in battle


Skitty is one of the cutest and most kid-friendly Pokémon, but Skitty’s Normalize ability turns all of her moves into Normal-type moves. Not only does this make Skitty ineffective against Ghost-type Pokémon, it also doesn’t help give it an advantage over any other type of Pokémon. Normalizing does nothing more than weaken Skitty and make him useless against any other type of Pokémon. I definitely need a skill that can help his speed in battle, or maybe counter other attacks.

8 Sableye’s position will prevent any chance of victory

Sableye will always move last in a Pokémon battle, thanks to her Stall ability. Even if Sabylee is faster than the opposing Pokémon it faces, it will always be last in each battle round. This frustrates fans who want to quickly defeat Gym Leaders and other rival Pokémon. Sableye always goes last means that he will never deliver a satisfying knockout in a round of his opponents.

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This amazing Dark-type Pokémon needs an ability that can boost its Dark-type moves, or have more resistance against types that would be super effective against it.

7 Regigigas slow start may slow you down

Regigigas is an incredibly powerful Legendary Pokémon that fans wish it existed in real life. However, it suffers from having the Slow Start ability. Slow Start halves the Pokémon’s attack and speed stats for the first five battle turns, rendering it powerless against other opposing Pokémon. Fans were frustrated to find out just how detrimental slow start is for this Legendary Pokémon, and it doesn’t help that this ability is known as Regigigas’ signature ability, either. Fans often argue that Regigias is a Legendary Pokémon that didn’t deserve the ability it had.

6 Slakoth’s absent gives you less time to attack in battle

Slakoth Pokémon

Slakoth’s Truant ability gives him the ability to attack only every other turn. This makes fighting Slakoth frustrating for many fans, as this means that opposing Pokémon can attack it every other turns without having to worry about taking damage in return. Truant is ultimately a bad ability for any Pokémon, but for a slow Pokémon like Slakoth, it makes things worse in battle. Fans wish Slakoth had a more useful ability, and most of them don’t use Slakoth in battle due to his Truant ability.

5 Honedge’s No Guard does no favors

Honedge’s No Guard can guarantee hits to its own opponent, but it also guarantees that said opposing Pokémon will always hit Honedge in return. Considering that Honedge is a sword-shaped Pokémon, this could be intentional in its design due to its acting as a striking force. However, the Off Guard ability does you no favors when it comes to dodging attacks, meaning that you will always take damage when the opponent attacks. This upset some fans who wanted to use Honedge as a speedy Pokémon to defeat most opponents.

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Skills like Sheer Force or Serene Grace would make Honedge that much more useful.

4 Archen’s defeatist ability guarantees his own defeat

Pokemon archen

Archen is a rocky and flying tough guy, but his defeatist ability does him no favors in battle. The Defeatist ability halves the user’s Attack and Special Attack stats once their hit points drop below fifty percent. This means that once your opponent takes Archen’s hit points down fifty percent, he makes Archen significantly easier to defeat. Fans were disappointed to see Archen loaded with such an ability, hoping that Rock and Flying-type Pokémon would get a more useful ability like Sturdy or Rock Head instead.

3 Staryu’s Illuminate has no use in battle

Staryu is a handy Water-type Pokémon with some powerful moves, but Illuminate only helps it increase the chances of attracting Wild Pokémon. Considering that most fans want to avoid encountering wild Pokémon, especially late in the game, this makes Staryu a detriment to his own trainer.

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During battle, the Illuminate ability has absolutely no use. If Staryu had a different ability, like one that could empower his Water-type moves, he would be in much better shape than he is now.

two Altaria’s Pixilate does all her movements in the style of fairies

Pokemon Altaria

Altaria’s ability, Pixilate, performs all of her fairy-like moves. While this can be useful, since some types of Pokémon are weak to Fairy-type moves, this is also not very helpful for Altaria, a Flying-type Pokémon. Most of his moves, without this ability, are not Fairy-type, but range from Normal to Flying-type moves and even Dragon-type. Making them all the Fairy type makes the original writing of all the movements go to waste.

1 Combee’s Honey Gather is sweet but a flop

Anime Pokemon Combee Honey Herd

Combee’s Honey Gather ability is great if your trainer wants Honey to use it after a battle. However, this ability does absolutely nothing for Combee during battle royale and makes it a rather forgettable Pokémon compared to the rest of its generation. It does nothing to help you get stats, nor does it give Combee any advantage against the opposing Pokémon it faces. Some fans were disappointed with this result, but were relieved when Combee had an amazing evolution on Vesipqueen with the Pressure ability.

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