90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins is lucky to have a crush on Kelly. Fans of the franchise have celebrated the couple for their refreshing and healthy relationship.

Molly Hopkins was out of luck in love 90 day fiancé, but her relationship with Brooklyn cop Kelly in 90 days: the single life It has won over many fans and led to celebration. The franchise has leaned toward involving dramatic and troubled partners in more recent seasons. Viewers were thrilled when Molly found Kelly on the Discovery + spinoff show. The couple have featured a refreshingly normal and healthy relationship that fans recently raved about. Single life Tell-All part 1 Sunday night.

While Molly has always been a favorite for her hilarious Pillow talk Kelly has recently become a fan favorite for her hysterical reactions during Tell-All part 1. The first Tell-All segment featured a dramatic confrontation between Big Ed Brown and his ex-girlfriend Liz. As the couple got excited as they discussed their relationship, Kelly and Molly sat behind them. The duo’s reactions have been widely posted by fans who found them hilarious and easy to identify. Kelly, in particular, was noted for her dramatic looks of disbelief.

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One viewer posted screenshots of Molly and Kelly during Big Ed and Liz’s emotional conversation on Reddit. The screenshots included the quotes “this is screwed” Y “God I’m getting emotional. “The user captioned the post”,Molly & Kelly stole my show“Many viewers agreed that the couple was the highlight of the episode.”I was about to say that Kelly is the VIP of this. Their facial expressions when people say things show what we are all thinking. The looks he and Molly gave each one as well. When Danyielle said she hadn’t had another date with him it was hilarious“wrote one commenter.”I swear I was just staring at Kelly’s face the entire episode! Perfection! (And looking away when he showed it to Ed!)“agreed another commenter.

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Many viewers also praised the couple for their overall relationship. “Ugh, I want those two to work so hard, they were a breath of fresh air even with TLC trying to stage drama and problems in almost every episode. I hope they can find a way to solve the children’s problem.“wrote one commenter. Commenters were hoping to see the pair appear in the future Pillow talk episodes. “Sitting there like a fucking king and queen“wrote another fan. Overall, fans agree that Kelly is a great partner for Molly.”Kelly is amazing! He was genuine, charming, honest, and his reactions were pure gold! It made me laugh more than anyone!“wrote another fan.

Kelly and Molly have quickly become a 90 day fiancé fan favorite couple of the franchise. After Kelly slipped into Molly’s DMs, the pair quickly bonded and found out that they had chemistry and compatibility. Since then, Kelly has known Molly’s daughters and fit in perfectly with their family. Unfortunately, a drama of their own awaits the pair during Tell-All Part 2. Molly’s ex-husband, Luis Méndez, will return to reveal the shocking news that Molly still follows him on social media and controls him. Hopefully, the couple will be able to overcome this bomb and will not part in the 90 days: the single life Tell-All part 2 next Sunday.

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