The 80s are back in ‘Call of Duty’.


ObligationsThe most recent update brings John McClane and Rambo to the series as part of the franchise’s’ 80s action hero event, arriving this week at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: War Zone, Y Call of Duty: Mobile.

One of Bruce Willis‘most iconic parts, John McClane is the hero of the Die hard franchise, a NYPD who is constantly involved in dangerous hostage situations. With five movies in the Die hard franchise, Willis ‘action hero is one of the most memorable characters of the’ 80s, who helped define action movies for a generation.

As for John Rambo, Sylvester StalloneThe war veteran is a one man army capable of fighting alone against drug cartels, terrorists and police forces. Also the star of five films, Stallone most recently played Rambo in 2019. Rambo: Last Blood. Both gory action heroes are sure to feel right at home in the Obligations games.


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Here’s the full list of everything that comes with the ’80s Action Heroes event:

  • Operators Rambo and John McClane (War zone Y Cold War)

War zone Contents

  • New points of interest

  • Nakatomi Square

  • Survival Camps

  • CIA outpost

  • Power Grab – Limited Time Mode

  • New Kill Streak: Combat Bow

  • Weapon – Ballistic Knife

Cold War Contents

  • Two new multiplayer maps

  • Draw (6v6)

  • Rainbow (multiple team)

  • New game modes and medals

  • Die Hardpoint

  • Rambo Gun Set

  • Elimination of multiple computers

  • Action Movie Inspired Medals

  • Zombies

  • New main quest, world Orda event and more in Outbreak

  • Cranked 2: No Time to Crank – Limited Time Mode

  • New custom mod support, mystery box weapons, and weapon upgrades

War zone Y Cold War Contents

  • Two new weapons: baseball bat and AMP63 pistol

  • Challenge event in the 80s Action Heroes game

  • New Store Packs

Obligations: Mobile content

  • New limited-time multiplayer game mode: Gums Blazing

  • Die hard Y Rambo Store packages

ObligationsThe ’80s Action Heroes event will go live on May 20 at midnight ET, following updates from Black Ops Cold War on May 19 at midnight ET, on War zone on May 20 at midnight ET and on Call of Duty: Mobile on May 21 at midnight ET.

Check out the explosive trailer for Obligations80s action hero event below.

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